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gazetted officer who can attest

Who is a gazetted officer?

A Gazette officer is a person who is an officer in the Indian Government service, the signature, stamp, and official seal of which is necessary for verifying and attesting the important documents certified copies, and/or photographs of the person for the central and state government. He can be understood as a High-level public employee. The gazetted officer’s acts are considered as an authorized witness for the document verification.

Gazetted officers as representatives

They are considered as de jure representatives of the Indian States and the President. The person will be called gazetted if the name has been published in the Gazette of India or the Gazette of any state government. This gazette of India is published by the Directorate of Printing, Department of Publication which is under the Ministry of Urban Development of Government of India.

Who gives authority to the gazetted officer?

The gazetted officer receives this power and authority to use the stamp directly from the President of India or the Governor of the respective State. There is a difference between attestation and notary. Notary in simple terms is like giving an undertaking about the facts which have been notarized. Whereas, attestation means getting recognition from an officer who acts as a competent witness and the act of attestation has been given due legal recognition under section 57 of the Indian Evidence Act.

Gazetted Officers

Where is attestation required?

Many applications for government sector jobs require the signature and attestation by the gazetted officer. The gazetted officer does not necessarily have to be an employee of the government. The qualification or requirement is that the individual should be vested with the power to take official actions and serve his duties and the charges for these services are fixed by the government of India. Therefore, the pay and the services rendered are directly relational to each other.

The List of Gazetted officers who can attest has been divided into categories or classes:

  1. Class I or Group A (Gazetted and Executive officers who can attest the documents):

This class consists of the highest class of government servants who are ranked from level 1 to 10 in the Civilian and Defence Pay Matrices, which includes:

  • All Officers of Armed forces;
  • Magistrates and above in Judicial services;
  • Central and state servicemen (Doctors, Engineers, Drug Controller);
  • Scientists working in any government-funded research organization like DRDO etc.;
  • Any Central or state government employee who has Group A service Rules (IAS, IES, DIG, DCP, ASP, DGP, JCP, IB, SDPO, etc);
  • An employee of central and state government universities like vice-chancellor, Principal, Assistant Registrar, Faculty members;
  • Police officers above the rank of circle inspector.
  1. Class II or Group B (Gazetted officers who can attest):
  • Section Officers;
  • Assistant Executive Engineers;
  • BDO (Block Development Officers);
  • Tahsildars;
  • Junior Doctors in Government Hospitals;
  • Magistrates;
  • The headmaster of Government high schools;
  • Lecturers in Government colleges;
  • Income tax and revenue officers.

Some important points to remember about gazetted officer:

  1. Any officer of notary or Nagar Sevak or SEO is not included in Gazetted Officer
  2. There are two other categories Group C and Group D which includes non-gazetted officer. Group A and Group B can attest the documents.
  3. The attesting officer should attest the documents in blue ink only. It will be only valid if it has a stamp of the attesting officer and the department or organization present.
  4. For verification for the issue of passport, it can only be done by Group A gazetted officer only who are under the rank of Secretary/Dy. Director (Level 11 and above).
  5. For attestation of citizenship certification, only Group A official can attest the documents which are very limited to officials like Sub-divisional Magistrate, etc.
  6. Character certificate can only be attested by Police record verification and Group A gazetted officer.
  7. For copies of original documents, both Group A and Group B officers can attest the documents.
  8. The name, designation, and contact number of the gazetted officer should be clearly mentioned.
  9. For government employment forms and applications, as per the Modi government rule, self-attestation of the documents is sufficient proof, a 2014 move.
  10. There are no fees for getting the attestation done by any gazetted officer.


  1. sir, tomorrow is my exam of Haryana police SI .and i forgot to attest my admit card..what will i do now..is self attestation is valid or not.

  2. Some doctors are taking money for attesting life certificate though the person is present with his aadhar and pan card with him, also the bank manager (in which the pension a/c opened) even charges for attesting life certificate, it seems an organized corruption of the signing authority.
    Make the Bank pvt and sack them and reduce their salary.

  3. Municipal hospital doctor demanded 300rs to attest certificates for study purpose, inspite of presenting all related documents and aadhaar. What can we do about it?

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