One-stop NPA Marketplace for Lenders and ARCs


Collections happen, but not everything gets collected. When loans become Non-Performing Assets (NPAs), they can tie up valuable capital and strain your resources. The Legodesk NPA Marketplace offers a powerful solution. Legodesk offers a secure online platform that connects banks, NBFCs, and Fintechs with a wider pool of potential buyers, ARCs to list all their NPAs, receive bids, and an easier way to recover some of the lost bottom line.

Highlighted Features

Maximize Recovery Potential

List and manage all your NPAs in one place and find the right buyers fast. Access a broader audience of interested buyers beyond traditional channels, increasing the chance of selling your NPAs and recouping some value. ARCs can also access one source of truth

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Advanced Search & Filters in a User-friendly Interface

Refine your search by loan type, location, delinquency status, and desired buyer profile. User-friendly platform with intuitive options to ensure smooth and transparent end-to-end process

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Seamless Data Integration

Reduce manual dependency by integrate with your existing systems using API or upload data with ease through Excel. Define workflows to ensure at which bucket and when NPA listing comes into play

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Data Security & Transparency

Our platform prioritizes your security. Data is masked, personal identification is removed, and verified listings ensure transparency throughout the sales process. You can be confident that sensitive borrower information remains protected

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