Transforming Debt Recovery & Collections for NBFCs & Fintechs


Navigating the complex business collections operations presents significant challenges for Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) and Financial Technology (Fintech) firms in India. However, Legodesk offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to revolutionize debt recovery processes for these entities. 

Far more than a mere platform, Legodesk provides a robust debt recovery management system uniquely designed to address the specific needs of NBFCs and Fintechs. It offers automated debt recovery solutions, customizable workflows, and real-time case tracking capabilities.

Highlighted Advantages

Automated Legal Notices

Bid farewell to manual follow-ups and laborious administrative tasks. Legodesk automates the collections process, saving you valuable time and effort. Our platform sends automated reminders to customers and escalates collection activities based on predefined rules, guaranteeing timely payments without the associated hassle. With features tailored to company debt collection, Legodesk streamlines your operations effortlessly.

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Real-Time Collections Dashboard

Get insights into your company's collections performance with our intuitive real-time dashboard. Monitor active accounts, track their status, and review collection history effortlessly. Armed with this comprehensive information, you can make informed decisions to refine your debt management strategies and optimize results. Legodesk offers a holistic view of your debt resources, empowering you to make impactful choices

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Summons Tracker

Legodesk’s summons tracking feature allows NBFCs & Fintechs to trace Speed-Post couriers that have been sent to loan defaulters. You need to enter the Consignment ID on our platform, and Legodesk will track the delivery status for you.

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Customizable Workflows

Every NBFC & Fintech has unique legal requirements and workflows based on their offering. Legodesk is designed to be customizable, enabling them to tailor the platform to their specific lending needs. The platform provides customizable workflows that can be configured to match their existing processes.

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Payment Gateway Integration

Simplify the payment collection process with seamless integration with popular payment gateways in India. Enable your customers to make online payments conveniently, enhancing their experience while simultaneously improving cash flow for your business. This integration is crucial for debt paying strategies, ensuring swift and hassle-free transactions

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Our Customers Say

Legodesk has proven itself as a great partner in enabling bad debt recovery. They are now part of our expansion strategies as we believe their competent service and technology are integral to our growth.

– Ranjeet Singh Rawat, Head Of Risk & Collections – GrayQuest