Make the process of Debt Recovery a breeze with Legodesk


For banks, managing legal operations can be a time-consuming and challenging process. From tracking legal disputes and managing contracts to ensuring regulatory compliance, many factors must be considered. Legodesk is an innovative solution that simplifies the process of automating collections, enabling banks to streamline their operations, improve compliance, and reduce costs

Highlighted Advantages

Automated Notice Generation & Sending

Access a broader audience of interested buyers beyond traditional channels, increasing the chance of selling your NPAs and recouping some value.

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Improved Lender Profiling

Legodesk is designed to help banks meet regulatory requirements and maintain compliance by providing them with a 360-degree of customer profiles. Banks can minimize the risk of bad loans and risky lending with advanced profiling

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Increased Cost Savings

Legodek enables banks to reduce costs and optimize their resources by streamlining legal operations and improving compliance. With automated workflows, real-time collaboration, and centralized document management, banks can minimize the need for manual labor and reduce operational costs

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Seamless Integration

Legodesk seamlessly integrates with existing bank systems, enabling banks to leverage their existing technology investments and maximize their ROI. The user-friendly platform requires no specialized training, making it easy for banks to adopt and implement

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Our Customers Say

Legodesk has revolutionized the way we manage debt collections. The platform has enabled us to maintain a stronger bottom line by aiding in recovery while improving our time and cost efficiency.

– Collections Head, Regional Rural Bank