Track your Cases listed in Indian Courts

Legodesk's Case tracking software allows businesses and financial institutions to keep track of their cases without having to worry about missing critical updates or deadlines. This means fewer adjournments and faster resolutions of your cases.


Highlighted features

Case tracking dashboard for multiple Indian courts

Our all-in-one dashboard gives legal teams at banks, NBFCs, FinTechs, and law firms access to all case details in one place. They can streamline their work by adding an infinite number of cases and following them across all legal Courts, as well as receiving the needed cause lists with real-time Court data. All relevant details for your respective matters are accessible in Legodesk.

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Hourly tracking of updates

We monitor the cases on an hourly basis and send you alerts immediately for matters that have changed status. Legal teams can easily track their cases and know the status without any fuss. You no longer have to be concerned about missing any updates.

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Receive updates on the channels you prefer

Now get regular updates about your cases and other vital information on your chosen communication platform. Legodesk provides updates on Emails, SMS, Whatsapp, and other popular communication channels that you prefer.

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Generate reports to develop your legal strategy

Visualize your data and derive insights into developing data-backed strategic decisions. Legodesk provides you with options to use multiple visualizations to visualize your data better. You can share your reports across your team and track your desired business metrics, analyze your performance, and make informed decisions.

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FAQs on Legal Case Tracking Software

What is Legal Case Tracking Software?

Case tracking software updates case diaries automatically, sends real-time reminders about upcoming hearing dates, and keeps lawyers informed about the progress of their cases and matters.

How many cases can be tracked through this software?

Legodesk allows legal teams of NBFC, Banks, Fintechs, Law firms, and lawyers to add and track an unlimited number of cases at a time.

Why case tracking is important for legal and financial institutions?

Disputes are time-consuming and usually take years to get resolved on the basis of complexity and procedures. During this course, Matters are adjourned due to several reasons, which include losing sight of the matter after several adjournments. Hence it becomes important to track these matters.

What does case-tracking software do?

Case tracking software keeps track of hearing dates and any new orders for your cases in one place and sends you regular email notifications that you may access at any time and from any location.