Track your Cases listed in Indian Courts

Legodesk's Case tracking software allows businesses and financial institutions to keep track of their cases without having to worry about missing critical updates or deadlines. This means fewer adjournments, faster resolutions of your cases, and better coordination between legal and collections teams


Highlighted features

Effortless Case Oversight, Simplified

Manage all matter types including section 138, Arbitration, SARFAESI, IBC, RDB & FI, consumer, criminal, civil, and other matters with Legodesk's intuitive legal case tracking system. Our user-friendly dashboard provides a centralized hub for tracking cases across multiple Indian courts, offering real-time updates and comprehensive case details at your fingertips

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Stay Ahead with Timely Updates

Say goodbye to missed deadlines and uncertainty with Legodesk's proactive approach to case monitoring with automatic. case updates enabled through e-court integrations. Our system delivers hourly updates, ensuring that you're always informed of any changes in case status or critical deadlines. Choose your preferred communication channels – whether it's email, SMS, WhatsApp, or others – and receive updates seamlessly to suit your needs

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Data-Driven Decision-Making with Customized Reporting

Strategize legal actions with Legodesk's robust reporting features. Our legal tracking system empowers you to visualize key data metrics, analyze performance trends, and derive strategic insights to inform your decision-making process. Tailor your reports to suit your specific needs and objectives, facilitating smarter, data-driven strategies for case management

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Enhanced Collaboration, Enhanced Productivity

Facilitate seamless collaboration among your legal and collections team members with Legodesk's collaborative tools and centralized access to case information. Foster synergy and teamwork, enabling your team to work more efficiently, share critical information, and coordinate efforts effectively towards achieving your objectives

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