Field Debt Collection: Streamlining the Recovery Process with Feet-on-Street App  

Increase efficiency, boost collections, and empower your team with our mobile-based field debt collections app, designed specifically for retail lending and debt collection agencies, designed to boost efficiency, productivity, and recovery rates for retail lenders and debt collection agencies


Highlighted Features

Centralized Management & Monitoring

Track your agents’ location, collection progress, remaining balances, and live updates. Take corrective actions efficiently based on real-time data. No more waiting for reports or agent updates. Access real-time field data at your fingertips, allowing you to identify areas needing attention and make informed decisions instantly

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Streamlined Workflows & Navigation

Boost efficiency with automated reminders, report generation, and integrated mapping & navigation. Optimize routes, save valuable time on field visits, and free up collectors to focus on personalized debtor interactions. Gain a clear picture of your loan recovery status across the entire collections cycle. Easily record and track visit outcomes, borrower interactions, and recoveries

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Optimized Route Planning & Allocation

Allocate loans to agents based on borrower proximity, either manually or automatically. Schedule PTP visits and field collections with intuitive route planning tools, ensuring a well-coordinated recovery strategy

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