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Streamline end-to-end case, client, time, and financial management through a reliable and secured legal case management platform.

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Why Lawyers Love Legodesk?

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Cloud-Based Solutions

Easy & Intuitive Interface

Bank Grade Security

Automation of Manual Tasks

Collaboration & Access control

Scalable & Reliable

Legal Case Management Software Makes it easy to manage all your legal matters.

Access all the benefits of a cloud-based legal case management solution

Case Management

• Track cases automatically across various courts within seconds
• Store your documents securely and access them anywhere & anytime
• Receive custom alerts for all your matters in real-time
• Find with ease laws and judgments relevant to the case

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Role based Access Management

• Collaborate with your team effectively for every matter
• Create an access level to define your team dynamics and functions
• Introduce smart workflows for better task management
• Engage with your clients and associates through group chat

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• Manage expenses of your firm operations
• Create customizable and shareable invoices to receive payments
• Track expenses and payments for every case separately
• Generate downloadable reports and share them with your team

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• The ultimate Legal Practice Management Software with robust API
• Integrate with your favorite 3rd-party software to automate workflows
• Build powerful and customizable workflows using our Public APIs

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Find a Lawyer

• The Legal Practice Management Software with a dedicated client portal
• Connect lawyers and clients within minutes
• Book video and audio calls using our End-to-End encrypted tool
• Get automated alerts on your case status

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What Lawyers are saying about Legodesk?

I am an IP attorney and was a little skeptical to manage my clients on Legodesk. However, they supported my requirements well and automated a lot of my daily manual tasks. I trust them with my clients. It is the best Legal Practice Management Software. Great Going!

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Gaurav Choubey
Patent & Trademark Attorney | Choubey & Co.

Out of the many features, I found Legodesk's Client Connect feature to be especially useful. The product is super user-friendly and compared to similar players, it offers reasonable subscribing plans that can absolutely benefit lawyers. Kudos to the team.

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Jagannath Nanda
Advocate | Supreme Court, India

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