One-stop Debt Resolution Platform for Lenders

Comprehensive platform offering streamlined debt resolution solutions for lenders, ensuring efficient and effective debt management.


Supercharge your Debt Collections and Recoveries

Reduce costs and increase profitability. Automate debt resolution processes. Make informed decisions with real-time data.

Reduce delinquencies

Streamline your collection and recovery processes to act in a timely fashion

Deploy strategies

Run your dynamic Recovery strategies on Auto-mode & define Workflows

Eliminate manual processes

Use curated technology to eliminate manual processes wherever possible

decrease turnaround time

Get access to Large Partner Network and quick recovery on your debts

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Legodesk focuses on solving the challenges for the Collections & Recovery team

Debt Collections

Streamline your debt collections with Legodesk. Our end-to-end platform digitizes recovery processes for lenders and businesses, enhancing competitiveness through automation, delinquency tracking, collaboration tools, and hypercare. Simplify your operations today!

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Legal Notice Automation

Effortlessly generate hundreds of legal notices in seconds with our automation tool. Integrate your Loan Management System with Legodesk to streamline your workflows and create dunning and legal notices on-demand. Start optimizing your debt collection process today!

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Case Management

At Legodesk, we are committed to revolutionizing legal case management. Our cutting-edge Case Management Software empowers lawyers, law firms, and legal departments to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and achieve unprecedented efficiency. Transform your legal practice with Legodesk – start optimizing your workflow today!

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Case Tracking

Discover how Legodesk's Case Tracking Software can transform your business operations. Our solution ensures businesses and financial institutions never miss critical updates or deadlines. Enjoy fewer adjournments, faster case resolutions, and enhanced coordination between legal and collections teams. Elevate your case management efficiency today with Legodesk!

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Online Dispute Resolutions

Discover Legodesk's online platform, designed for lenders—NBFCs, banks, and FinTechs—to conduct swift, fair, and efficient dispute resolution. Our team of verified experts ensures your disputes are settled quickly. Our platform mirrors the current dispute settlement procedures in the pre-litigation stage, but online, reducing time, cost, and location constraints. Experience faster resolutions with Legodesk.
Contact us today to learn more!

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Suit Filing

Recover your money effortlessly with Legodesk's Money Recovery Suit services. Our expert team of pan-India lawyers handles the hassle for you, ensuring you reclaim what’s rightfully yours. From demand notices to court representation, our experienced lawyers navigate the legal complexities so you can focus on your business. With Legodesk’s nationwide network, we handle geographically diverse cases seamlessly. Get paid, no matter where your debtors are located. Partner with Legodesk and secure your financial future today.

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Notice Tracking through India Post

Take advantage of seamless integration with India Post for legal notice delivery. Upload your legal notices on our platform and we will generate a printable version of the notice, and send it to the defaulter. Moreover, get a tracking ID to track delivery or non-delivery of each notice

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Legodesk is trusted by banks, NBFCs, Enterprises and Fintechs

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