About Legodesk

Legodesk enables lawyers and law firms to work faster and more efficiently. We streamline workflows, boost profits, and increase client satisfaction with our technology. We make practicing law effortless and swift. Each feature is articulated, carefully curated, and meticulously tested to ensure that the lawyers get the best.

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Here's what we're all about

When did it all start?

They say that one should never mix business with friendship but in this case, it worked out quite well when Mohan, Gopal, and Ashish came together for Legodesk. With a varied background, and individual experiences, and with a product roadmap in mind, they started Legodesk as a blog back in 2016 to capture the pulse of the legal industry. With time, the blog evolved and an integrated legal case management platform was born. And, today, it has thousands of registered lawyers worldwide.

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Our Mission

Our mission is the same as when we started years ago: To make the lives of lawyers easier and help lawyers to serve their clients more efficiently with our legal management software, as everyone knows that cloud-based and client-centric service in the future. We’re here to listen, we’re here to help. Our mission is to serve as your best ally to success.

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Our Values

1. Our commitment to excellence never wavers
2. We are driven by the needs of our clients
3. We are passionate about learning and growing
4. Adaptability, optimism, and a willingness to embrace change define us
5. We are open-minded and all in for suggestion

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Join Legodesk

Working at Legodesk is amazing, demanding, and fruitful. You should consider Legodesk if you're ready to do some of the finest work of your career. We’re looking for strong-spirited individuals like you to join our team!

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Ashish Kumar Padhy
Co-Founder & Consultant

◉ B.Tech. & L.L.B. ◉ 8+ years of experience in Sales and Product Marketing ◉ Built 2 startups.

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Mohan Kumar Bai
Co-Founder & Developer

◉ B.Tech. ◉ 6+ years of experience in Product Development and Engineering ◉ Built 1 startup.

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Gopal Panda

◉ B.Tech. in Computers ◉ 15+ years of extensive experience in Point of sale, Data Science, and Cloud Strategy