Legodesk is not just any software. It is THE software committed to run your virtual Law Firm. We are a cloud-based platform engaged with legal students, lawyers, chartered accounts, and anyone who deals with judicial matters regularly.
We focus on the Indian legal system and completely understand the intricacies of it. Our product is curated by experts, diligently designed and caters to your every data storage, automation, and bookkeeping needs. At Legodesk, we are bringing out the best in technology to the best in their profession.

What can we do?
Almost everything that a legal assistant can do. Starting from sorting out your case files, and related documents, reminding you of important dates and notices, to taking care of billing the clients- Legodesk is there for you.
Do your legal research, manage cases as per their solvability, or collaborate with your team- Legodesk’s smart automation will make your life easier instantly.