Automate Legal Notice sending  

Legal teams have struggled with manual work for far too long- starting from manually creating Legal Notices, Tracking Delivery, and MIS reports. With Legodesk, legal teams can spend less time on time-consuming manual tasks by helping Lenders to serve Legal or Demand Notices via both Digital and Physical mode


Highlighted Features

Selection of customer segment

Our platform allows you to send information to borrowers as per requirement and convenience. Legal teams of lenders can now easily send custom messages to different segments of their borrowers by creating condition-based segments. 

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Create custom message templates to send personalized messages to your defaulters. You can create multiple templates for different delivery channels like SMS, Whatsapp, Email & By Posts.

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Use our proprietary automation software to generate reports that show successful delivery of the notice and help with delinquency tracking. Ensure each notice to your borrowers- be it through SMS, Email, Speed Post, or any other IM platform- is delivered to the receiver and generate Court guideline approved delivery reports. No more manual and individual tracking of legal notices. 

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FAQs on Legal Automation Software

Is Legodesk secure?

Legodesk is an end-to-end encrypted platform that stops unauthorized third parties from accessing private data. The Legal teams of leading financial institutions, lenders, and law firms are already using our secure platform. When you use Legodesk, you can rest assured that your information is stored securely on the cloud and can be accessed only by permitted users. 

Is there any limit to the number of legal notices one can send through Legodesk?

By using Legodesk, you can send an unlimited number of legal notices to your contacts. You can also generate reports that can be used for further legal proceedings. Moreover, we offer a variety of plans to suit the needs of financial institutions, banks, and corporations. 

     3. How does legodesk ensure the legal notice delivery happens seamlessly?

Legodesk generates a unique URL to access the document containing the notice. If a user clicks on this notice link, then our system tracks the event and records it against the user data available in the system. If the notice is undelivered, legal teams can then choose to send the notice again or use other methods to communicate with the contacts. 

4. How is sending legal notices through Legodesk different from sending them using any other platform?

Legodesk is an innovative alternative as it provides features that are essential for the legal teams of any leading lenders. Using legodesk legal teams can generate digital certificates, which can be used as evidence that the following communication of notices has been done with the right defaulter.