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Top Law Firm Problems with Possible Solutions

Lawyers have a myriad of tasks on their hands, so it’s natural that they must be facing several law firm problems daily; most of them might not even be related to legal practice. Issues like recurring billing, email updates, task assigning, and so on. It’s essential to keep up with the latest trends and developing technologies, or you will be left behind. And let’s be honest, today’s technology can solve most of the issues.

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In this age, almost every sector runs its business on a digital platform to avoid these problems, including the legal industry. After all, digitalization is an essential part of our personal and professional lives. Many law firms are turning to digital solutions, so if you aren’t one of them, it’s time to make the switch.

law firm problems

To make your work easier, we listed down some of the law firm problems lawyers face and their solutions. So let’s get started.

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1. Recurring Billing

According to your arrangement, it’s important but frustrating to edit and send the invoices manually to clients every month or week. Every month a lot of time is consumed in this task which can be utilized beneficially plus it’s a dull job to do. 

2. Time Management

One of the most common law firm problems is that of time management. A law firm’s most valuable resource is time. Law firms should learn to handle their time better as by doing so, they’ll be able to assist their clients adequately and have a better work-life balance. It gets even harder to track time if you don’t have a management system for your law firm.

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3. Inefficient Client Satisfaction

This is one of the common challenges faced by law firms. Client expectations have been developed over the past few years by the vast technology available to people within their smartphones. A plethora of daily tasks, such as banking, shopping for groceries, booking transportation, can be handled online instantly, and in 2021, people will expect the same from their law firms.

4. Cyber Security

The cybercriminal community was more engaged than ever before in 2020, with 91% of enterprises reporting a rise in cyber-attacks since the pandemic began. Remote working has left law firms more exposed to cyber-attacks, as cybercriminals have attempted to exploit enhanced attack surfaces with modern phishing, ransomware, and refusal of service attacks. Lawyers today are more worried about these challenges like cyber attacks as compared to early years.

5. Poor Marketing Strategy

Lawyers are reluctant towards marketing; however, the typical lawyer seems to believe possible clients are picking through a pile of somehow-public resumes when choosing a lawyer. Mostly, people hire attorneys because they are having a crisis and ask for a reference. The recommender usually just refers the clients to the last lawyer they know. Losing a recommendation, the client just calls whoever is at the top of a google search is a common problem law firms are facing today.

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6. Inefficient Case Management

It can be challenging for law firms to handle their increasing caseload, especially in situations when you get many new clients at once and maintain the same level of dedication and assistance. Regardless of how many cases the firm is managing, its primary concern must be the quality of its work. With the growing competition in legal services, every law firm needs a case management system to take care of all the cases with the same importance.

7. Customer Outreach

With a thriving client base, a law firm must try to keep consistent, clear communication with its clients on their unfinished judicial matters. For a law firm to grow, it should implement new systems and technology to assure its clients are kept regularly informed. It gets very frustrating for the clients if they don’t get regular updates on their legal matters, and they start looking for another lawyer. This is the one law firm problem that you don’t wanna have.

8. Daily Tasks Assigning

One of the most time-consuming processes is assigning daily tasks to your team members. Honestly, it is irritating to keep track of who is doing what, and managing the team to distribute work. The time that is used in assigning daily tasks to junior lawyers can be used in some other essential tasks and cases resulting in your firm’s profit.

9. Stay Ahead of the Competition

Its time consuming and tiring but at the same time, it’s also an important job to do legal research for your cases to stay ahead of your competitors in the court. Going through a huge pile of documents and paperwork takes up your valuable time, which you should be spending managing other pivotal tasks. That’s why law firms are leaning towards case management solutions and online legal research to avoid going through offline and irrelevant documents.

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10. Time Consuming Document Creation

You didn’t become a lawyer to spend hours on paperwork, routine follow-ups; which you can automate.

11. No Storage Space for Case Files

Each case consists of lengthy paperwork and if your law firm has just started doing well then you must need a lot of storage space for all kinds of documents related to each and every case. Storing each case’s offline documents is definitely a problem law firms face, so the modern lawyer is switching to digital management platforms looking for safe and secure storage space for the documents.

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Solution for All the Law Firm Problems- Legodesk

Legodesk is a new integrated case management system specifically created for lawyers and law firms. This software is here to solve almost any problem faced by law firms and lawyers. 

It offers unlimited storage space where you can store unlimited documents (text, image, video, and audio) without worrying about hacking. Furthermore, you can also create electronic invoices and send them to your clients every month or week automatically. Through automation, you can also send automatic email notifications and messages to your clients and team members.

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Also, on its all-in-one dashboard, lawyers can track every activity related to their firm. You can also assign and track day-to-day tasks’ progress on this dashboard.

Moreover, Legodesk also offers the feature to create custom form templates for you to collect information. Moreover, lawyers can also choose from predefined templates. Merge and create your documents on Legodesk and through the E-Signature feature save a lot of time by digitally signing the documents.

Legodesk provides lawyers and law firms a safe and secure portal to connect with their clients and team members. The secure platform ensures only the sender and receiver know about the conversation. Additionally, You get a high-end security system for your documents with Legodesk; you won’t have to worry about hacking or phishing. You can choose the security level you want according to your needs.

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When you explore Legodesk, you will learn that it offers many features for law firms to solve technology-related problems. There is also a 14-day free trial that you can try out and cancel at any time afterward. So, you can test it, work on it, and if you like then you pay for it.

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