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Automation of administrative tasks with Legodesk

 “Time is money,” the old adage goes, yet businesses waste hours on menial tasks related to administration and management. The same is true when it comes to any law firm management. As any business owner knows, time is money. And when it comes to administrative tasks, there are only so many hours in the day. That’s where automation comes in. With Legodesk, you can automate all of your administrative tasks, from keeping track of client data to sending invoices to processing payments. As a result, you’ll be able to free up your time to focus on other areas of your business. In addition, automation can help to improve accuracy and efficiency, leading to happier customers and increased profits.

there is an easy way to ensure improvements to your administrative processes to gain an overall competitive advantage or even maintain a work-life balance

One of the most common reasons cited for lost productivity was the over-reliance on man-led processes (78 percent) and outdated technology (72 percent). As per a recent study conducted by Altman Weil, most of the larger law firms agree that automation and new competition arising from this implementation are an integral part of the profession. Additionally, they agreed that the industry is transitioning from a slow-moving business to a fast-paced environment with overall performance improvement.

task management for personal injury law firm

However, there is an easy way to ensure improvements to your administrative processes to gain an overall competitive advantage or even maintain a work-life balance. It is possible to make yourself a more productive lawyer with some useful software such as the Legodesk practice management software. This platform is designed to can help you stay organized. With an effective task management system in place, you can handle one-off and recurring tasks with the minimum amount of time and effort. Simply put, you don’t have to worry about managing your schedule, setting meeting reminders, logging account statements, or tracking case files every time.

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How Legodesk helps with administrative tasks:

administrative task automation with Legodesk

1. Streamlining client intake-

You probably spent a lot of time interviewing clients to get all the essential information about their cases. But, what if you could get that time back? When clients connect with you through Legodesk, they need to fill out certain information. Having this information handy makes it easier for you as a lawyer to gain the required basic information. Legodesk significantly reduces the time spent on interviewing the client. Moreover, as the lawyer deals with the client, additional information gets auto-added to the customer profile, building your database for further usage.  

2. Matter Organization and Retrieval-

Any law firm must maintain and organize its files. The process is time-consuming, and there are malpractice claims arising annually from lost files and misplaced documents. Additionally, it is difficult to find something from a pile of documents. However,  Legodesk provides simple tools to maintain client and matter files and all of their associated documents in the cloud; this allows them to be searched by keyword indexing and using the global search feature to find information.  Legodesk uses a smart algorithm to ensure that when you search for a document, it returns results that exactly match your requirements. The feature eliminates the need to dig through folders to find a document.

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3. Time management- 

In a law firm, calculating billable hours is one of the fundamental yet mundane tasks for anyone handling administrative duties. It is important to determine how much and when you will get paid by calculating and billing the right amount of time. Keeping time manually can complicate the invoicing process as it is easy to lose handwritten notes. Legodesk practice management software has a built-in timer. It allows you to define different types of tasks and record the time spent on them. By automating billing activities, you can significantly reduce the time spent on those tasks. Naturally, this increases your chance of getting paid more quickly. Moreover, the platform provides real-time or scheduled reports. These can help you identify which areas are your money-makers and where you need to improve. 

4. Finance management-

Legodesk can streamline many internal processes that were previously time-consuming and labor-intensive to complete. Invoice and billing management, for example, requires a great deal of time and attention. With the smart platform, however, you can automate the revenue collection process. You can automate virtually all transactional tasks such as invoice generation, payment submission, and outstanding invoice alerts by setting the duration, defining email templates, and adding conditions to each task. Our automated solution can handle all of these tasks for you without requiring you to spend hours on administrative work. 

The law firms that use Legodesk have significantly cut back on time spent on doing manual administrative tasks. Let’s end by doing the math. For example, there are 30 lawyers in a law firm. By adapting Legodesk, if you are able to save them from an hour of manual work, which can be spent on handling clients, you can bill 30 more hours on a daily basis. Considering 240 workdays (excluding weekends and other holidays), you are able to bill additional 240×30= 7200  hours. Well, more billable hours convert into more revenue. 

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