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Problems faced by lawyers working in Law Firms

Problems faced by lawyers


The legal sector is one of the most sought for the profession, and there is a high competition which is based. This competition and high demand for the sector often create unwanted problems. Lawyers highly prefer working with an established law firm than opting for induvial practice. The number of people interested in the field of law is growing tremendously. Since, the fields of expertise in law are many, by using the skill set one is best on and understanding what truly one desires to work for, many problems can be solved. One may find IPR difficult while others may feel company law difficult, and some stay away from banking regulations. On the other face, the nature of work one does creates problems in getting comfort and ease of work. More of such problems faced by the lawyers in law firms will be discussed in this article along with ways to tackle the same. There will be some problems that we will have control of solving but some not in the direct control of lawyers.

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  1. Nature of work

The nature of work which is done by the lawyer can be one of the major reasons for facing problems. Being a lawyer demands being experts in problem-solving skills, research drafting, good orator skills, and many more.  At times the expectations may be too high within a specified time frame; this often creates a situation of tension. This friction of deadline and work is very difficult to manage. This is a problem common to all lawyers wherever one chooses to work. The deadlines leave no room for personal work.

The nature of work can be stagnant and unexciting at times, which will ultimately lead to a lack of interest, not giving utter dedication to the work, being careless, missing deadlines. Since the field of law is that of constant changes and thus to adapt and be skilled in it takes time.

  1. Technology

Technology helps ease up the task and makes many functions and services easier only when you are well- acquainted with its constantly changing features. Technology is the reason for many changes that have taken around the globe. Technologies like cloud, legal management software are all bane of technology. When wondering, when it has all the advantages, where does the problem arise?

Primarily, the problem rises by adopting and adapting to these technologies. If a law firm has not adopted technological advancements, the lawyers face problems in keeping up with the traditional system of keeping diaries and maintaining case records. And if adopting, then adapting to such advancements becomes a tough challenge because of the deadlines and at times non-ease in the use of the software. Technology can be important to create a competitive edge.

The problem arises with the expectations of the client, which are more far-reaching than the pace one can match. The technology has created friction in the relationship shared by a client with his lawyer. Because due to technology, every information is just available at the option of a few clicks. This makes the expectation of a lawyer more upbeat. So, from standing up to the expectations in your law firm, one also must pro-actively meet the expectations of the client. Because when speaking to an attorney, a layman does their proper research and can counter the points which lead to a healthy and vigorous discussion.

  1. Competition

As already mentioned, the demand for the legal fraternity is increasing, with a greater number of students passing out with law degrees and new law colleges opening at an even faster speed. This creates competition in the entry and survival of any law firm. And if you aim for the big shot, the job market is even more competitive. Constant performance requirements and being able to cope up with the work is a tough call considering the nature of work. There are thousands of lawyers with experts in the same skills, so why this preference should be given to you? Explaining this point creates a fairer difference.

The competition is not only limited to the land but extends overseas as well. Finding an attorney abroad is very helpful to fight the cases in their jurisdiction. So, extending the hands and extending foreign counterparts overseas is a tough challenge faced by lawyers in a law firm.

In the era of super-specialization, rising to the expectations and facing that challenge is difficult. Because of the higher degree, more credibility is given to work. The only thing that can beat this is reaching that level through your experience.

  1. Quality of work and quoting less price for it

The time and hard work which is required to be complete a task cannot match the price quoted and price the price received for the same. This is a tough problem and can be solved by gaining experience and getting that worth for your work.

5. Managing the work with the risk and handling litigation

for many freshers, managing litigations can be a tougher call than handling any other problem. there may be dozens of cases going on at the same time with dozens of pending works in a case, handling the same can be a job of tedious nature. being updated on mails is equally important but you have more than 100 emails daily which makes it difficult to remain intact. retrieving a document can be sometimes a job that is tougher than arguing a case in court, also more time-consuming. even if placed in a desk job in a law firm, the difficulties are many which include integration with the modern tools and using them efficiently.

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Every sector and every profession have some or other problem, as going after the saying, nothing is perfect. The key lies in finding solutions and moving ahead. At times you may just be out of place or uncomfortable at the workplace. This is normal, competition should be healthy and should be welcomed. Knowing the problems and being responsive about them helps a lot in climbing the steps of success.

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