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4 Benefits of ERP for Legal Firms

ERP software for Law Firms

ERP system assists legal firms in preparing documents and assisting with paralegal duties and allows them to examine them in real-time. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) uses network technology to connect various operations — such as human resources, production, logistics, accounting, inventory— across an entire organization. ERPs originate from the material resource planning (MRP) systems that were originally made by and for producing companies. The purpose of an ERP is to assist in business preparation, share data, and employ judgment-making on a company-wide level.

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ERPs include the entire company and are a means of doing invoicing, marketing, collections, strategizing, and anything else important to the progress of a firm or business. ERPs have gone way ahead of manufacturing and have accessed businesses of all kinds, including the legal field. With cloud-based ERP software, you will see a huge improvement in productivity and communications among co-workers.

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Several law firms today still work without ERP solutions. Well, the main reason is change. Each lawyer and team member have their own system of tracking firm-related information that’s “working for them.” We are here to tell you that your spreadsheets aren’t serving the objective anymore. There are countless benefits why you should choose ERP solution, but I’ve reduced it down to 4 particular benefits to consider:

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Benefits of ERP for Law Firms

Enhanced Transparency

Choosing an ERP indicates lawyers and the team members of the law firm can know and keep a record of fundamentally anything significant going on with the center processes and commerce of the business. This is a plus since maximum law firms are seriously lacking in transparency. Associates are usually uninformed of how many hours they bill, their co-workers’ status, or what they are paid. Once an ERP solution has been executed into place, all of that report will be easily attainable to those inside the firm, formulating more organization and helpful spending practices.

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Better Efficiency

ERPs grow efficiently within law firms because they regulate data so it moves smoothly throughout the firm. Limited manpower is required to maintain that current of data, and it flows faster. With an ERP solution, data simply has to be entered once and the rest follows automatically. There is no longer a requirement to take paper-based information and insert it into a separate system. This saves loads of time and energy that can better be used on cases and running the firm.

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Increased Independence

When your law firm uses a cloud-based ERP solution, it means that all staff members of the firm can operate from any place at any time, keeping everyone updated. Legal work and report prep can be outsourced and you can observe their progress in real-time. Lawyers out of state can also be hired to grow your firm faster. Cloud-based ERPs enable each member of the firm to have access to files and reports that are up-to-date, on-need, at any place via any device.

Swift Decision Making

With an ERP solution for your law firm, you can control your business at a really macro level. Often it is difficult to get to that level with old systems, mostly because crucial information for growing important business metrics is not in a form that is useful or not in the system. An ERP solution will include critical data across the entire organization.

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Which ERP is suitable for your firm?

If you have come this far and you think your firm is ready to take the plunge and pursue a practice of ERP solution, then we have a perfect solution for you, that is Legodesk.

Legodesk is integrated legal management software specifically designed for law firms. Now you can keep track of your cases, team members’ work, bills, and everything else.

It’s easier than ever to assign daily tasks to your staff and keep track of them, generate bills and send to clients automatically via automation, connect with clients and team members securely, sync your calendars to set events, meetings and get reminders, etc.

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Furthermore, with Legodesk, you can store an unlimited number of files and documents of any type (image, text, video, and audio), track time and generate more billable hours, conduct your legal research via the research feature, and so much more.

Legodesk is packed with so many helpful features for your law firm, hence signup today to get a 14-day free trial and see for yourself that Legodesk will really increase the productivity of your firm.

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