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Management of practice or law firms is a vigorous job. The organization of clients and managing research can prove to be a tedious job. Legal Management Solutions are basically the types of remedies available that help in the management of one’s practice, efficiently as well as effectively.

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There are several solutions to the tedious job of practice management:

1) Practice Management System

In order to satisfy one’s needs, a lawyer/firm has to depend upon various software. However, there are several software available in the market which provides the customer with all such features in a single software. For example – Legodesk.

Mostly Practice Management Systems work as Case Management Systems. They help the lawyer/firm by tracking the status of cases, creating a database, eliminating conflict of interest and statutes of limitations. They centralize the information about the firm and present it in a unique manner. The Practice Management Software can help in checking the progress on a case and help with the management. This ensures better workflow in the organization.

Managing one’s practice requires a lot of research. A lawyer needs to base the analysis on the law: judicial opinions, statutes and constitutions, and administrative law. Searching for laws and cases with the help of books is a hectic task and consumes a lot of time for the firm. Some Practice Management systems help in easing legal research. They provide a database of all the statutes, judicial decisions, court documents, and secondary materials. These databases help lawyers to understand the status of a certain law so that they can act in the best interest of their clients effectively.

3) Time and Billing Software

A Time and Billing Software generally provides for the feature of tracking bills which can help in overseeing client matters, time-sheets, costs, receivables, and reports, etc. It helps in recording billable time on an hourly, transactional, or contingent basis. There are certain systems available that have the ability to generate multiple bills in one click. In addition to this creation of timely bills and payments of services helps in improving the cash flow of the firm.

Thus, this provides for better legal management of the firm and serves as one of the techniques to help the firm grow.

4) Document Management Solution

A legal document management software helps the firm with handling this daily work. They help in digitalizing the firm’s databases. It specifically helps by easily organizing, storing, and sharing all documents, including confidential files using a secure and simple to use platform, centralizing the information. The documents can be stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to have them with you whenever you need them.

This makes it easy to access and work with the documents in the day-to-day practice of law. In other words, practice becomes more effective and efficient.

5) Customer Relationship Management Software

Legal Management is not only considered with the activities inside the firm but also other activities such as relations with the potential and present clients. Monitoring activities with clients is vital for every law firm. CRM software helps the firm to store and find contact information from its clients easily. It provides the firm with a centralized database for contact information. Scheduling of appointments and meetings also becomes quite easy for the firm by centralizing its contacts. Even the clients can then store and save electronically their case files. In fact, the clients can upload important documents to their file for the viewing of their lawyer. Thus, the communication process between the client and lawyer much easier.

6) Finance & Accounting Software

The process of legal management also includes managing the finances of the firm. Finance and Accounting Software help a firm in the management of finances. Better cash flow can be maintained by managing finances. A Finance & Accounting Software makes this simple by providing financial tools and features such as, tracking and managing a book of accounts, profit & loss, monitor overall financial performance, etc. A Lawyer or firm can create invoice accounts against a case or add payment and expenses for the ongoing cases against the invoice. Auditing at the end of the financial year becomes easy with the advent of such systems.

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Law practice has evolved over time. Standardized management is the key to an efficient practice. There are several solutions and remedies available in the market which provide standardized management to a lawyer or law firm. Belief in the relationship between technology and law helps the practitioners to explore new opportunities in the legal domain. And thus, such techniques or solutions are of the essence to practitioners.

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