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What Can You Expect from a G. Schulz & Associates – Edmonton Injury Lawyer If You Meet with an Accident?

After an encounter with an accident, you have to attend to calls and requests from insurance companies, doctors, police, and others. In the midst of all this, you also need to take care of your wounds and injury. But the situation becomes so overwhelming that you struggle with recovery and the stress of bill payments. During such times, you need a personal injury lawyer for assistance. These people can help you receive compensation for the injuries you sustained in an accident. With this fund, you can pay medical bills and compensate for the lost income. It can also act as a balm on your pain and suffering.

So, if you suffered any such fate, you can contact G. Schulz & Associates – Edmonton Injury Lawyer or some other law firm for your help. The attorneys specialize in civil litigation to discourage the negligent or careless behavior of the offenders by getting them to compensate for partial or full damages incurred by victims. When you approach a lawyer for this purpose, you can expect him or her to do the following things:

Informing about victim rights

A lawyer in Edmonton can give you an insight into what rights you can exercise in the event of a car accident. Since terms and conditions can vary from one state to another, the person can update you about the same. For instance, you can expect your attorney to tell you time limits for filing a case, whether you were also at fault or not, and how much you can claim in damage.
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Showing the path forward

An expert lawyer will give you a complete picture of the legal procedures, medical and insurance scenarios, and so on. He or she will take charge of the paperwork required for filing a lawsuit. Generally, lawyers advise you should not talk to the defendant’s insurance company as it may try to avoid liability based on your statement. Also, you may need to undergo medical treatment to prove the connection between your injury and accident.

A sincere lawyer will always give you an objective picture of the situation so that you can make the most suitable decision without the shadow of fear, stress, anger, or frustration.
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Representing your case if needed

Although a large number of these cases don’t need trials, you may have to appeal to the court if the insurance company doesn’t honor the claim. If the matter doesn’t settle outside court, you would need to initiate the litigation process, which often tends to be complicated and strict. In such times also, you can depend on your injury lawyer only.
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Car accidents can cause physical injury, property damage, and even fatality. No matter what happens, you have to bear the brunt of it throughout life because of the carelessness or negligence of the other party if you don’t ask for compensation. Hence, you should get in touch with a credible law firm in your area or city and seek their guidance in these matters. The amount you receive as damage can take care of many of your real issues and give you some mental and emotional strength too.
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