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Online Courses for Lawyers and Their Benefits

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It is always said there is no age for learning. Knowledge is such a thing which everyone must continue to gather no matter how old or experience they gather. The legal profession is a filed, where everyday something new happens, new laws come up, landmark judgments are passed, and always there are numerous subjects which must be mastered upon.

In the era of technology, not only work has become easy, but learning has also become really accessible for anyone willing to know.



This university offers a course on “corporate lawyer: Ethics, Regulation, and purpose.” The duration of this course is three weeks and certificates are also provided for the same.[1]


The courses offered by WIPO is a long list. WIPO stands for World Intellectual Property organization, the courses offered by it are focused on Intellectual property. There are courses offered which are free of cost, where you get course material and certificate issued by WIPO.

The courses are like Introduction to IP, IP panorama, Introduction to Patent Corporation treaty, copyright and related rights, Arbitration and Mediation procedure under the WIPO rules[2]


FICCI offers various certificate courses which are inclusive of IPR. They have courses focusing only on IPR and courses where IPR is understood along with different other backdrops like pharmaceuticals, competition law, commercialization, etc.[3]


Institute like GNLU also offers certificate, Postgraduate diploma and diploma courses in various fields of law like maritime law, sports law, internet law, corporate laws, legislative drafting, contract drafting, contract drafting and legal writing, [4]


The courses offered by IALM are vivid, they offer certification, master certification, advance certification like corporate contracts, filing and obtaining trademarks, M&A, Environmental law and policy, IPRs, Engineering Laws, ADR, Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, etc. They also offer courses for drafting, pleading, etc. the courses are also available to crack various law exams of a patent agent, judicial services, advocate-on-record, etc.[5]

There are numerous benefits which these legal online courses offer which are appealing for a person to apply for them namely being

1. Institute offering the course:

Online courses are often offered by reputed institutes like National Law Universities in India, FICCI, IALM (Indian Academy of Law and Management), IICA (Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs), etc. If we see this in the larger picture, WIPO, University of Birmingham and other institutes are offering courses which are worth taking for. They teach and offer specialization in the chosen domain.

This not only gives an opportunity to learn but also add to the resume of having knowledge about the subject matter.

2. Vast Subject area:

There is absolutely no limit on how many courses one can do. There are so many subjects which are available in various forms to choose from. A person willing to learn may seek either a certificate course or otherwise called as the capsule course, or one may prefer a diploma course to have in-depth knowledge about the subject.

Five years or three years are barely enough to cover all the domains of law, and thus the courses help learn the remaining. The courses which are offered are in various domains like Alternate Dispute Resolution, Corporate Governance, Conflict Management, Intellectual Property Law, Contract Law, Labour laws, General Data Protection Regulation, Business Law, etc.

3. Easy Access and anywhere access

Everyone when seeks ease, and everyone loves the comfort of reading whenever they want and wherever they want. These courses have a fixed duration in which course needs to be completed, but it has no fixed learning hours for each day. The course can be completed flexibility. The courses are accessible on any device with login id and password

 4. Study material

The courses provide you with numerous study material to have with you and access it anytime in case of any query. The subject material is detailed and informative covering all aspects of the subject.

5. Pocket-friendly:

The courses offered by the institutions are very affordable and can be done by anyone and everyone. There is no bar on anyone who is willing to learn.

6. Certificate:

They give you valid proof of you taking a specialization in the particular subject which can be flaunted and added to the resume.


Every day is a perfect day for a new start. And so, learn something new every day with just a few clicks at an affordable price. Knowledge is never wasted and is a wealth which a person possesses. So, learn, share, and grow.

[3] http://www.ficciipcourse.in/betasite/

[4] http://www.gnluonline.ac.in/course/index.php?categoryid=2

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