What is Trademark?

what is a trademark

What is a Trademark?

A lot of times you have heard about the word trademark but most of you do not have a clear idea as in what does a trademark stand for. A trademark is a sign with the help of which you will be able to distinguish between your business’ goods and services from others. To put it simply, a trademark stands for a brand or logo. The best way to represent a trademark is graphically where the company’s logo or signature is used to distinguish your brand. The main objective of a trademark is to protect one’s brand and prevent the use of its brand or logo by others. The good thing about a trademark is that it can last indefinitely as long as it is renewed every 10 years.

Why use a registered Trademark?

It needs to be noted here that there are several benefits of using a registered trademark and using the trademark services of a lawyer. Some of the benefits of using a registered trademark are discussed below:

  • Getting a trademark registered provides greater protection to your brand or logo
  • When a registered trademark is used, your business competitors cannot easily use your trademark
  • When you use a registered trademark it is certain that you will have greater remedies in case of infringement

One important aspect in addition to using a registered trademark is to seek help from a trademark lawyer. This is because it increases the likelihood of getting all the benefits that have been discussed below.

Steps to register your Trademark

The steps to register a Trademark are pretty simple. Following the below steps can help you get a registered Trademark for your business.

  • You can file your trademark application online
  • You need to be clear on the specification of goods and services that are covered in your application
  • All the necessary documents ought to be submitted during the time of filing
  • You will have to claim the first date of use of your trademark

If all these steps are followed carefully it can help you save several months of delay in getting your trademark registered.

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by Shraddha Banerjee

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