What are the kinds of legal services that attorneys provide?

There is no denying the fact that legal aspects are an integral part of our lives, right from buying a home, adopting a child, or even crossing the road. Professionals who are part of the legal world tend to hold responsible positions in society and they are bound to adhere to strict code of conduct. However, at this juncture, it is worth mentioning that an attorney is a lawyer but a lawyer might not be an attorney.

Difference between a lawyer and an attorney

To put it simply, a lawyer is a person who has been trained in law but they may not necessarily practice law. Hence, an individual who has attended a law school is essentially a lawyer but until he or she passes the bar examination in the jurisdiction in which he intends to practice law cannot be called an attorney.

Attorneys, on the other hand, have attended the school of law and practice law as their career choice. To be precise, they have cleared the bar examination in order to practice law within a particular jurisdiction.

Once, the difference between the two terms is clear, it is quite obvious that we know for sure that all sorts of legal services are offered to people by attorneys and not by lawyers. Thus, let us have a look at some of the legal services that attorneys offer to people who are in need.

It ought to be noted here that attorneys also act as advocates and advisors in our society. As advocates they represent either party in a criminal and civil cases, presenting evidence and arguing in support of their client. On the other hand, as advisers, they offer legal advice to their clients with regard to their legal rights and suggest a particular course of action in business or personal circumstances.

However, the details of the job of an attorney to a large extent depend upon his or her legal specialization and position. For example, attorneys specialize in areas like bankruptcy, probate, international, elderly law or environmental law.

Some of the typical services that are offered by attorneys to people who are in need are the following:

  • To give consultation to clients for legal information and documents
  • To review documents from a legal perspective like agreements between two parties, leases, wills, corporation documents, court forms, company formation papers, and so on
  • To offer mediation, arbitration, and other third-party services to clients
  • To prepare legal documents for clients
  • To represent clients in negotiations that happen under collaborative lawyering agreement
  • To represent clients in courtrooms in case of arbitration, administrative or legislative hearings

However, it ought to be mentioned here that the above-mentioned services are general services offered by the attorneys. Besides, the ones mentioned here are some specialized services that are offered by the attorneys to their clients.

For instance, if you are in need of law in terms of business formation and transaction the best person to approach would be an attorney who will guide you through all the process of business formation. Whether it is a new business, an acquisition, merger or any other aspect related to business, attorneys can help you out.

Many times in life it becomes imperative to deal with last wills and testaments, living wills, power of attorney, revocable trust, and probate and it is during these times that you would require the help of an attorney so that you can sail through the difficult situation with ease.

Thus, let us have a look at some of the legal services that attorneys offer to people who are in need. It’s important to note that while attorneys provide a wide range of legal services, alternative legal service provider may offer more specialized or cost-effective solutions in certain situations.

Similarly, in a lot of other issues like a domestic partnership, family law, real estate, and property law, and litigation, assistance from the attorney are required. In fact, one should take help from assistance from an experienced attorney when one comes across any such instance in life.

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