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3 Habits That Can Help Lawyers to Get More Clients

3 habits that can help lawyers to get more clients

With there being more than 1 million lawyers in the country, one may wonder what makes him/her different from the others. Everyone studying the same course, dealing with some areas of expertise, still some lawyers are more successful than the others. There are enormous habits that can be listed down here for the purpose of growing, but how difficult it is to build those habits is difficult to understand. In this article, we have discussed 3 easy habits which will help the lawyer not only get more clients but also grow professionally.

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3 Mantras for lawyers to get Clients:

1. Lifelong Learners

This profession of law always demands a person to be updated. Updated with the case, the latest legislation, and verdicts of the court and engaged in intelligent discussions. The experience of peers and their knowledge database can make you lag behind.

  • Sharpen research and drafting skills

It is important to sharpen the research skills for lawyers to get more clients because new research methodologies and techniques are constantly evolving, so to get a competitive advantage, one must be up to date with the research techniques.

Drafting has evolved constantly. Earlier when using complex words and creating ambiguity was fashion, now simplicity rules. So keeping the draft simple and easily understandable is also an art.

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  • Keep yourself informed

Court passed an order for making drinking and driving an offense punishable with a fine of Rs. 10000/-. You being a lawyer, are not aware of it and representing the client. This is a very negative outlook. One must be well informed at all times, about any recent happenings, ongoing trials like the Ajodhya case recently passed legislation like the triple talaq bill, Article 370 revocation, etc. law constantly changes so stay updated.

Only those who hit the news are for common people. But those which are pertinent in the legal sector, are for solicitors, so follow both. A showcase of knowledge helps lawyers get more clients because it builds the confidence that you are capable of winning the case on behalf of them.

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  • Ask questions: get clarity

The interaction we have with our client not only gives us clarity of what the expectation of the client is but also creates an impression based on the communication. The questions a lawyer or solicitor asks his client are very crucial. Firstly, if a criminal case, then it is important to understand the complete truth. If striking a deal with another company, then what are the demands, needs, expectations, etc. must be clear.

The basic questions of what, where, why, who, and how are the parameters which can help lawyers get more clients and retain the already having clients.

2. Essential Time Management

If a lawyer has a huge clientele but is unable to deliver the services in time, like misses the date of filing or remains absent on the day of negotiation, this creates a very negative impression. One may argue with so much to do, such small mistakes at the time do not matter? It does matter, once an impression is created may take ages to change.

What can one do? One can manage the time effectively to complete all the tasks, attend the meetings, do background research, and meet the clients. This can be done by having a well-prepared diary of updating everything or by updating to cloud-based technologies which give you reminders for the pending activities along with the deadlines.

One cannot complete each and every task by himself. So learn to delegate, a successful delegation speeds up the process. But it is important to delegate rightly and have a check upon the work which is pending and the status.

Time plays the essence, and no matter what you do, you have the same 24 hours with you as others to act professionally and also keep a balance of personal life. When we are shopping online, and waiting for an ordered product, and to our joy, the product is delivered before time, it makes us happy? The same is with the clients. Yes, no one is a superhuman and completes a task in a day or two, but the aim should take as much time as required. Set up expectations and fulfill them to get more clients.

3. Market yourself

Marketing is a very important facet for lawyers to get more clients because marketing helps people to know you, how you work, and areas of expertise. In simpler language, learn how to sell yourself to the clients. This is not a monopoly market except in cases of outstanding performances.

Associating with brands can provide you a leg up on the competition in terms of attracting new clientele. Marketing and getting references is very important in the initial years of the legal profession.

Gain popularity amongst the juniors, which makes them give your reference in case of any need for help.

Writing and publishing research papers on trending legal topics, lets you gain the popularity factor, which may work in certain cases.


Lawyers constantly engage themselves in the legal business, forget the basic mantras while aiming for the higher altitudes. Showcasing of knowledge is important to run the business successfully. Modern working techniques and building contacts to get a reference are important to adapt. Let your work speak for you.

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