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How to Grow a Law Firm with Legodesk?

“How to grow a law firm” is a common question from lawyers. No doubt running a law firm is tough, and growing a law firm is even tougher, in today’s scenario.

How to Grow a Law Firm with legal software is something that many attorneys are beginning to wonder about. It can be difficult to find the time and resources needed to keep up with an ever-changing legal landscape, and this can be especially true for small law firms. However, by utilizing the latest legal software, it is possible to automate many of the tasks that take up valuable time.

For many firms nowadays, the prominent challenge hindering growth is how to acquire and bring new clients. Moreover, with the rising competition with other firms, and with less time to focus on business expansion, more often, lawyers are overwhelmed; resulting in the law firm growth becoming stagnant. Sadly, this is the truth for most law firms and if this resonates, you’re not alone. 

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How to grow a law firm

As a law firm, whether you want to steer revenue growth or meet the growing demand, or simply support management in the digital-first reality, our advice in this blog will certainly help.

How can I grow my law practice?

Being proactive and delegating to the right people and technologies, and going with a plan in mind will be key to growing your law firm. Letting go of control can be tough, but you won’t be able to grow your practice alone. Here are some of our tips- 

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1. Learn to delegate

While a strong work ethic is admirable, it’s not always growth-friendly. Especially when you don’t have much time to respond to potential clients or you are too busy to market your services. There are chances that you pursue work that is not actually in strength; such as accounting, marketing, or simple administrative tasks. It is pivotal to delegate and save your valuable time. 

Assess various tasks of your work and bring upon the challenges of doing it on your own. And also come up with various lists of questions to know when you are not sure about delegating work. Mention them properly and also refer them back for your own assistance 

Here are some of the questions that you should address to-

  1. Could someone else complete this task well enough? 

2. Could someone else finish this task faster than me? 

3. How much will it cost for me to complete the task? How much for a staff member? 

4. Are there any ethical issues that can come across with delegating this task?

5. Rather than having an extra resource, is there a technical solution that I can incorporate?

To run your law firm it’s necessary to avoid wastage of time and resources. Growing a law firm is an uphill battle.  And you shouldn’t be afraid to build a strong team and hire resources that can support the business.

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2. Outsource what you can’t hire for

A business cannot grow only if it is supported by hiring full-time associates. Legal process outsourcing provides a way to delegate the tasks outside of your staff which includes, documentation, scanning, review of matters, and also non- substantive court appearances whether to other experts, freelance lawyers, or other qualified professionals.

Outsourcing can result in reducing your firm’s workload so that your staff can only focus on work that is of high priority. 

3. Use technology

Delegation not only means hiring people; you can also leverage technology to assist you to automate or streamline your respective tasks.

Like for example- Legodesk PaymenInvest in marketing and branding helps streamline routine payments data entry (such as recording legal credit card payments, marking bills as paid, and modifying account balances). 

Lego desk automates and simplifies your firm’s client intake process with effective tools. With it, you get access to easy online scheduling, online intake forms, and e-signatures.

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4. Invest in marketing and branding

If you want your practice to grow, you need to have more clients. Indian and a lot of other countries do not allow law firms to advertise. However, consider these tips for marketing to facilitate growth:

1. Know (or establish) your brand

Your law firm must have a clear identification for marketing it successfully. There has to be a clear identity to successfully market it. The tangible elements of your brand must be consistent; such as your logo, colors, mark, font, etc. 

2. Establish a lead-generation process

You can set up a strong system having the right strategies so that the clients can be attracted to your firm online and these potential clients can get converted to new clients. You should also learn how to have a reliable lead generation process for your growth and development.

3. Have a client-centered law firm website

It becomes easier to find clients for yourself if you have an effective website so that the clients can get connected with you very easily. After all, clients are going to look for you online before they contact you. A good law firm website should: 

  1. Be easy to navigate

2. Present services you offer 

3. Showcase strong branding 

4. Leverage strong SEO to show up in searches

Also, it’s necessary that you should have a proper mechanized system to draw people to your websites. Optimizing your law firm’s website for local search engine optimization (SEO) can bring about big traffic growth. Here’s a five-step guide to help you get started.

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5. Set Up A “Google My Business” Page

The first step to starting a local SEO or search engine optimization campaign for your law firm is to create a Google My Business page. Here are some tips to optimize your law firm’s listing in Google:

  1. Include a long, keyword-rich description of your law practice and the types of services you provide

2. Upload as many photos as possible

3. Choose the correct categories for your law practice

4. Include a local phone number

5. Include a link to your website

6. Include your complete address, in the exact same format as you have it listed on your website (more on this later)

7. Make sure the info is accurate and always kept up to date

6. Generate Client Reviews

Google naturally favors the websites of companies that use Google tools, and one of them which has become very important to local SEO is Google Reviews. So building up some positive, authentic customer reviews on your Google My Business page is the next step in our guide on local SEO for law firms.

Benefits of Legal Practice Management Software

Law firm growth strategies that work

Here are some tips for growing a practice-

1. Put yourself out there

Never underestimate the power of being friendly and putting yourself on people’s radar. That natural marketing mindset establishes one’s reputation and helps acquire more business. 

2. Ask clients for referrals

Being proactive with your client relationships is also key when thinking about how to grow a law firm. This way, your clients will be there for you when you need it.

3. Reach out to clients proactively

Reaching out to clients by taking pro bono cases can be a great way to build your personal brand and network with prospective clients. 

 4. Be empathetic

Client-centered law firms focus on the reputation of clients and guide them with legal issues accordingly. Empathy helps your firm stand out and grow.

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Adapt to take on new opportunities

When there is a focus on how to grow a law firm it is important to address clients’ needs and go for new opportunities and adapt them accordingly.

And, this may mean taking the help of technology and legal software. 

If you are looking for a place to start, you can always sign up for Legodesk for free. 

Legodesk lets you- 
Tips to grow a law firm

Simply put, as a law firm if you want to achieve more, technology is the only way.

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