Using Internet to build Professional Network

internet in building professional network

The Internet is the next big thing to build a professional network. Technology has spread its hands wider with the growth of the internet even in the legal arena which has also created higher competition and expectations for the professionals. In this era of development, the methods of business development have to be understood even in the sector of technological advancements. When any person refers to a person as a good lawyer, the first thing is you are checked on the web. So, it is really important to make the presence felt on the web as such networking is no more limited to travelling and meeting new clients and attending events and conferences.

Internet and profession 

The Internet is now providing a unique forum for the professionals of the legal sector to connect and work together, it also provides for an update for work which is taken and their field of specialization, practising cities and contact details. It helps them connect communicate and exchange relevant information and data.  The Internet is a secure network to ease the transactions however the credibility of such information exchanged must go through scrutiny for reliability. The Internet has created a pool of such opportunities for networking.


The Internet helps legal professionals to learn and listen. All the courts including the Apex court of India maintain its own website. Such a measure helps the legal professionals and also the person pursuing law or interested in having the legal knowledge to access the case files, recent orders, case status, judicial precedents very easily.

Also, the internet is greatly updated to provide for the judgment of any case which is required by an individual, this helps in knowledge building and creating awareness and helping the people know the facets of law. It helps to give exposure to a wider scope of audience nationally and internationally.

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Internet as a connection medium

The Internet is a great medium for connecting with international clients and also interact and seek advice on any matter from international colleagues or experts. It helps build the professional network and grow amicably. It has also helped to curb the problem of distance by offering services of video conferencing, where no matter where you are on the earth, you can interact, and distance and time will not be a constraint anymore for the easy competition of the task. For the students pursuing law, the internet has benefitted them by helping them apply and take up internships in various law firms, advocates and companies.


Business development, marketing, and growth in any sector are inter-related. Branding is a very important baby-step that helps in enhancing the professional profile. Thus, even to develop the business of the legal sector, an individual first preferred option is the internet. For building a professional network, the internet is highly advantageous. Firstly, as it allows you to create own platform and showcase the features. And for this, all you need is the internet and good content writer and content developer to cover your back. Secondly, to organize and keep track, it is important to subscribe to web-based tools for better check and client communication and easy delivery of legal services. It is very important to stay consistent and up-to-date which can be done through regular updates of new clients, cases taken up, starting legal blogs, etc.


The Internet is a bane for the people who are not first-generation lawyers and use the internet as the medium to build a professional network. Applications like LinkedIn and others do the best job in this sector. The Internet also provides various platforms where a person can raise legal queries and the expert may answer the queries. LinkedIn is exclusively built to develop the network and connect with the experts of the chosen field as per one’s preference. The professional network can also be made through social networking sites.

One of the minimal but significant thing which can be done is registering oneself as an expert for websites which are required to answer legal queries and that is how you build your network with the good answers and knowledge on the subject matter. Your existing database is very crucial to increase your database even further, including Twitter and LinkedIn as it helps to grow.


The Internet has prominently reshaped how we grow, communicate, and work. Thus, it is important to know the internet of professional existence, which can be used to offer individual benefit greatly. The focus should be on building an effective network, which need not necessarily be massive. Building the network and making the existence prominent is a key step to success in the growing era.

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