5 Reasons Why Law Students Should Attend Conferences

In this rapidly changing world, it is necessary for any student to have practical as well as bookish knowledge. Law, as a profession, is a separate field of study altogether. The study of law often does not require any specific educational qualification, save perhaps completion of the schooling. That’s why Conferences for Law Students play a vital role in making them future-ready.

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Perhaps you have enrolled yourself in the law degree programme at a University. Now, what do you do? For first-generation law students especially, this uncertainty could be daunting. As a law student, there will be ample opportunities to mould and nurture your fledgeling career, at law school itself.

Participating in Conferences, Moot Courts, Debates, and writing an essay outline and Research Papers are some of the ways to begin your journey. Besides, you could also pursue sports, music, or other extracurriculars to extract the best out of your law school experience. Nonetheless, here we are going to focus on the benefits of attending conferences for law students.  

5 Reasons Why Law Students Should Attend Conferences

A ‘conference’ is a meeting of people, to discuss ideas and opinions and work on issues of mutual concern. You may be skeptical about participating in a gathering of strangers, and that is completely alright. However, you must realize that conferences can offer a fabulous learning experience.

The 5 benefits of attending conferences are:

  • Networking opportunity,
  • Exchanging ideas,
  • Improving communication skills,
  • Updating legal and legal tech knowledge,
  • Investment in future.

Conferences, Seminars and Workshops: Should You Attend?

The benefits of conferences are alike irrespective of whether you are a law student, advocate, or any other legal professional. However, as a student of the law, there is always much to learn, and never enough to be content with. You could miss out on career-defining opportunities if you have a negative demeanour regarding attending conferences.

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Here are the 5 reasons for attending conferences as a law student:

1. Networking Opportunity

Law is a people’s profession and thrives on interpersonal relations. Incidentally, people from different corners of the profession throng conferences, and it is a great place to begin networking. You will get to meet individuals whom you would not have met at your workplace or otherwise.

Imagine meeting your academic or professional heroes and getting to interact with them. These luminaries could answer your doubts and queries. Furthermore, you could also get to interact with representatives of premier law firms and enterprises. Most importantly, if you play your cards right, you could secure internship or placement opportunities with them.

Conferences attract students, and professional leaders and you can interact with them and exchange ideas. Furthermore, you can collaborate on various projects in the future, with members from your network group. Additionally, you can also leverage your relationship with the peer group and gain helpful referrals and knowledge about best practices.

2. Exchanging Ideas

It is safe to assume that the participants at the conference share some common interests—the conference topic for instance. There may either be researchers, who would be presenting their work, or audience members, who would simply listen. Conferences facilitate the giving and taking of information.

You will have the opportunity to engage with the audience by presenting your research work. Interestingly, while exchanging ideas, you may notice certain creases in your thought process, which require ironing out. Above all, you will be able to receive feedback about your work. This will help you communicate your ideas more effectively in the future.

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Loopholes can exist in any thought process; however, nothing can be greater than receiving quality feedback that helps strengthen your understanding of the topic. Consequently, a fellow participant’s presentation could impress you as well. This could help polish your thinking or redefine your approach to a certain topic.

3. Improving Communication Skills

Incidentally, communication of ideas includes the ways to present such ideas. Effective communication is all about conveying your ideas and opinions coherently and succinctly. If you are a novice speaker, you could experience stage fright and nervousness, but that is part of the process.

Seasoned speakers may also experience nervousness. One does require courage to ideate with a sea of strangers—some of whom may be experts in their field. Nonetheless, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you will come out stronger and better prepared. Soft skills’ development is crucial for every law student since that will help you interact better with clients and judges/adjudicators.

You can learn from the other presenters too. Try to pick up some of their positive qualities like poise, diction, and time management to improve your communication ability. See if you can use legal technology for polishing your soft skills.

The legal profession is rapidly shifting gears. Not only are legislatures breathing newer laws to life, but we are also scaling the technology mountain through technological advancements. Conferences and seminars are a wonderful opportunity to apprise yourself of the development in law and legal technology. Incidentally, a thirst for knowledge is an investment promising positive future returns.

A legal professional should be well-read and well-endowed with the ability to grow and develop. The beautiful aspect of conferences is that it will help improve your knowledge of other areas of law too. The conference need not relate strictly to your specific field of research yet, you could get to learn something new.

Thus, seminars and conferences are a good way to expand your knowledge base and become more versatile. As a versatile legal professional, you will be able to practice in various law fields.

5. Investment in Future

I feel the best aspect of attending conferences or participating in seminars and workshops is its culmination into personal investment. All the above elements point towards investing in the future—YOUR future. Besides, you can add details of the conferences that you have attended, on your resume.

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Additionally, these gatherings can help you come out of your shell and shine. Besides, conferences can be as fun as it is educational. You could have the opportunity to meet and greet like-minded individuals and create lasting friendships.

Interestingly, your active enthusiasm regarding attending conferences will help improve your employability. Hiring enterprises and individuals would be impressed at your efforts in building your future. Investing in personal growth is a sign of positive-mindedness, and job providers are always on the lookout for such individuals.    

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Conferences for Law Students: Yay or Nay?

Conferences offer something which internet articles or law books cannot—people-to-people interaction. Interactions with fellow attendees or legal luminaries can be quite serendipitous indeed. However, some conferences can be a little expensive. In addition to that, travel and lodging expenses could be a major deterrent. So, what should you do?

Do not let conference fees or travelling expenses overwhelm you. Start small and move upwards thereafter. Register yourself for seminars, workshops, and conferences being organized within your State. Attend the conferences that your University is organizing. Remember, it is the quality of the conference that matters, and not its geographical location.

Incidentally, some law colleges may be willing to subsidize the registration cost and travel expenses of their law students. Look into that. You now have 5 reasons why conferences are golden opportunities for personal and professional development. Do not squander your chances to build a better future for yourself.

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