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How to Find Remarkable Depo Summary Company

All litigation attorneys will have to use a deposition summary at some point in their careers. A summarized deposition condenses all of the key points in a testimony, eliminating the need to read through hundreds of pages just to find certain information. It takes an experienced team of attorneys or paralegals from a reputable depo summary company to prepare comprehensive deposition summaries that contain all critical information. 

Find Remarkable Depo Summary Company
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If your law firm is handling the case after case and needs assistance during trial preparation, you should consider hiring a depo summary company. Here are some helpful questions you may ask when selecting the right depo summary company:

What format do they use?

Every law firm has its preferred deposition summary format. When searching for a depo summary company, you may want to inquire regarding their standard format. It is common to use the Page-Line or Topic-by-Topic format, but it usually depends on the type of case involved.

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How quick is their turnaround time?

Large-scale law firms handle multiple cases at once, which means that their in-house attorneys have little time to summarize depositions on their own. This is why a deco summary company needs to be swift in their turnaround time, as lawyers rely on deposition summaries to help them with pre-trial preparation.

How much can they handle?

If your law firm receives hundreds (or thousands) of pages of transcripts and depositions each day, you will benefit from a deco summary company that has an experienced team of summarizers who can handle large orders without compromising quality. 
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Who is on their team?

The average person won’t be able to comprehend the contents of a deposition. It takes legal experience to carefully select which information to include. You must work with experienced paralegals or attorneys who are guaranteed to prepare accurate, well-written, and consistent deposition summaries that won’t jeopardize your position.

What kinds of deposition summaries do they make?

A good depo summary company should be able to produce quality deposition summaries on a wide range of cases including medical malpractice, intellectual property, workplace harassment, vehicle accidents, and much more. If possible, ask the depo summary company for samples of their work to evaluate whether their company can satisfy your law firm’s needs.
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The deposition summary your firm will use during the trial can affect the outcome of the case. To make sure that your facts are always accurate, and that your deposition summaries contain the information that can give you leverage, you should be keen in choosing a depo summary company.

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