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Average Salary of a Corporate Lawyer in India

Average Salary of a Corporate Lawyer in India

Corporate lawyers are always accountable for all corporate affairs in law practice. These corporate law practices include all the issues related to the formation, governance, and operation of a corporate entity. It is viable for any company who is having limited liability, alliance, or partnership companies. The corporate lawyers are held responsible for setting up a new corporation. This new corporation includes holding on to all the legal, state, federal, and local rules and directives. It needs reporting of all corporate articles. Once the corporation is launched, the corporate lawyers handle the licensing and regulations of the legal entities. Hence, the salary of a corporate lawyer is generally good if he has his skill sharpened. They also give advice regarding the management and settlement of all legal disputes. Not only this, but they also help incorporate mergers, acquisitions, and other strategic deals that are long-scale in nature.

Corporate officers generally carry out their regular work from their offices. Sometimes they also work overtime in the case to meet their demand and the face moving corporate atmosphere. This happens mostly in the cases of corporate acquisitions and mergers. Corporate workers act very closely with lawyers like patent and trademark lawyers in order to ensure that they are maintaining legality in all aspects. They visit regulators to bargain and certify obedience to the laws and regulations. These visits may cause them to travel, watch, and counsel at satellite corporate sites and offices. These lawyers must have a degree known as a ‘Juris Doctor degree’ and also a membership in a state bar. This designation requires experience of up to 10 years as it is associated with a wide range of responsibilities.

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The Tasks of a Corporate Lawyer

  • To signify the existence of their client’s interests before the government agencies, review and present the case to judges.
  • Meeting judges, raise a question to the witnesses during the time of trial, select jurors and dispute motions.
  • Giving advice to clients regarding their business transactions.
  • To form a shield to the lawsuits or to the legal rights and claim liability.
  • Collecting evidence to fight the case or to form the defense.
  • Developing strategies assess findings and making arguments for cases and their presentation.
  • Analysing and interpretation of laws, rules, and regulations.

Corporate Lawyers are paid for some of the popular skills that they pose. These skills are paid less than the market rates, although sometimes. The skills and their respective pays are as follows:

  • Legal compliance: Rs 4,78,587
  • Corporate: Rs 4,00,000
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Rs 4,91,318
  • Reviewing legal documents: Rs 5,80,000
  • Legal research: Rs 4,80,000

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In the sector of Corporate, a higher salary is provided for the lawyer with qualified certification and practice. After you complete the course, you may be hired by the MNCs and business firms with a package of a good salary. The salary that you earn as a Corporate Lawyer depends on the skills from the colleges from where you’ve earned it. In general, you may get paid between Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per month in India. This may rise after you earn some experience and can easily make Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000 per month. The salary they get may vary with the dynamic factors that include company, candidate’s skill, and also the education and work skills.

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Pay by Experience Level for Corporate Lawyers:

A Lawyer at entry-level who is having experience of less than a year can expect a pay of Rs 606,782, which is based on 52 salaries’ references. This average total pay also includes overtime pay, tips, and bonus. A lawyer who is at an early stage of his career that is one who is having experience of 1-4 years earns an average total pay of Rs 512,440, which is based on 61 salaries’ references.

A lawyer who is at a mid-level of their carrier can expect a total average compensation of Rs 987,342 whereas a well-experienced corporate lawyer who is having experience of 10-19 years can earn a total average compensation of Rs 1,463,872 and this is based on 7 salaries’ reference.

The difference in Pay By Location 

Average employees who are having Corporate Lawyers as their job title and reside in New Delhi earn an average salary of 61.3% more than the national average of pay. The people having this designation are also paid higher than the average salaries in Karnataka, particularly Bangalore, which makes it up to 46.7% more. The corporate lawyers residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra earn an average total pay, which is 3.8% more than the national average. The corporate lawyer with the lowest average salary is given in Tamil Nadu, Chennai, which totals up to 14.2% less than the total average. It is also 8.5% less in Delhi and 6.5% less in Pune, Maharashtra.


The average pay for Corporate Lawyers is Rs 34,100 per month in India, which is based on a reference of 42 salaries on an average basis. This is based on data submitted anonymously by Corporate Lawyer employees who are working in the corporate industry. Substantial data has also been collected from past and present job advertisements from the last 36 months.        

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