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Importance of online payment for law firms

Online payment is everywhere- starting from small brick-and-mortar stores to big law firms. This rate of accepting this change is surprising because the use of credit cards for payment was not acceptable in India before the late ’90s.

The resistance to accepting online methods is not good for the firm. Therefore, a good online payment solution will actually make your practice easier than ever.


Benefits aren’t all one-tracked. Clients aren’t the only ones who benefit from online transactions. There are so many ways in which law firms also benefit.

Online payment methods help in increasing better satisfaction between your law firm and your clients; which will in turn help in increasing the potential for reference to your law firm.  Your legal staff will also come to know about the things that help them in being more efficient and productive in their work.

With a streamlined payment system, your law firms’ workload will also reduce with shortened billing cycles, low printing, and mailing costs. And, overall save loads of time for the staff. This way, your staff can spend less time on gathering the information and more time on helping your law firm grow.

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Adopting the technology

The fast pace and security of online payment options are important reasons that drive the clients to make decisions, and satisfaction is a leading outcome of having these needs fulfilled.

Accepting online payments from your client makes collecting bills simple and effortless. And, it also gets rid of human error. Additionally, the process of sending and receiving the payment is automatic. Your firm instantly receives the money with no risk of cheques bouncing and the fees associated with it.

65% of people prefer to pay with a credit or debit card. Research from Fiserv, a global finance company; has found that 74 % of households that have access to the internet, report having paid bills online. And, online payment of legal bills is as easy as paying the daily utility bill.

With the right technology application, you can easily send clients a secure payment link over email or text. Or include a payment button on your website. This allows your clients to make a payment at their convenience. Most cloud-based legal management system comes equipped with a payment system that can help.

Moreover, these systems reduce the chance of criminal and fraudulent activity is immediately reduced because the clients can receive instant updates of their transactions. And, advanced technology enables your bank to monitor its banking services.

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Your clients expectations

Your clients will expect you to have the necessary means for them to pay online. Mailing is out of fashion and coming to the office may cause an inconvenience to them. Through online methods; they can pay anywhere at any given time and you will be able to receive the payment faster and with increased security.

The online payment methods keep your account data secured as trusted security measures are taken by most of these online banking and finances service providers.

Online payment creates an illusion of transparency. Thus, it helps you gain more trust from your clients because they consider the firms more reliable.

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Utmost security

Online payment eliminates a big amount of financial risk. All of your payment information is noted in one place and that way you can keep a record of it.

The traditional payment method forced the client to share sensitive and private information each time a payment request was to be raised. This has many disadvantages and has a number of security risks. Online payment services have an encryption option that protects the client’s sensitive information.

With artificial intelligence and smart processes, there can be no misunderstandings. You would know exactly where and when you received the payment and by whom.

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Online payment is an effective way that can help you keep a record of your payment history, keep a track of your accounts, and track each expenditure.

It saves a huge amount of time for you because it helps get away with long processes of transactions; with little or no commission fees involved.

Online payment is easier to understand than the traditional bank system of paying. Literally, everyone can do it. Plus, the online payment method has the advantage of controlled expenses, it saves time and is user-friendly.

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Online payment is really important for a law firm to appear modern, technologically skilled, and easy to work with. The modern payment techniques allow you to do that. It aids in showing your clients that you are not afraid of the innovations brought on by the digital revolution; instead, you have accepted that wholeheartedly.

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