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How to be Productive When You are a Depressed Lawyer?

Lawyers with depression

Some issues are often left unattended because of the fear of society, and one such issue is mental anxiety or depression. This is a state of mind which people don’t really share with others with the fear of being judged or bullied. The decision of dealing with the situation alone creates an imbalance in balancing work and personal life.

A depressed lawyer has to work still and get things done. Because if a lawyer with depression steps out, his client losses, which is a very difficult thing to afford. Depression can happen to anyone, and there is no bar to who can be depressed for what reason. So it is okay if you are facing anything which is disturbing in nature. More than 20 percent of people working in the legal profession suffer from depression. What is important now to understand is how to strike a balance.
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It can be best understood as a state of mind which can be caused due to various reasons causing utter sadness in the minds of the people. Few of the reasons which may cause depression may be the loss of someone close, a failure in the professional field, a heartbreak, etc. in this situation people often lose their focus and settle for things like being anti-social, being arrogant, not stepping out of the house, missing work, etc.

In the legal field, there is constant competition, and when the competition is more than a requirement, one needs to be utterly careful. But when there is always competition in the outside world, and people look for niche opportunities to take your position, you cannot really afford carelessness towards the profession.
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1. Step out:

The most important thing for a depressed lawyer is to do is step out, step out of your home. The bed may feel the most comfortable place when one is suffering emotionally. That is why the most important step is to stay out. You can stay there all day and ponder over your thoughts, but that will only create a situation of more discomfort and uneasiness. You may feel lethargic, sleep-deprived, etc. but lying down on the couch and doing nothing will only create more depression.

Step out not only to visit work, but meet friends, or maybe go shopping, some self-pampering helps in depression.
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2. Create a schedule:

A timetable or schedule for self often helps to know and understand the priorities. These priorities have a deadline and should be fulfilled within time. This will create a situation of pressure, and one has to complete the task. After you have completed the task, you feel better and relieved, trust me on this. You cannot just leave an assigned work to complete when you feel like doing it.

You are doing so well in life, and suddenly if you fail to achieve targets, not satisfy the demands, then it will be another story of depression and anxiety. To save yourself from that trouble, a depressed lawyer must not let personal things affect the profession. We have some specific goals in life which we wish to achieve. If we set a deadline to achieve them, it helps us remain focused on the goal.

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3. Don’t adjust your expectation:

If you adjust your expectations from yourself, then you lose out on being yourself, and you settle for anything and everything, which is not acceptable for a growing lawyer willing to achieve heights. Do not forcefully quit life. Expect and hope what you are capable of and do not settle for less than what you deserve.

4. Stress-management:

The most important facet of being productive during depression is the management of stress. This will help a depressed lawyer think about what he really wants because he will have time to think about it. There are various ways in which we can lighten up the mood by doing activities like maybe coloring a drawing, working towards the betterment of our relationships, playing games like chess monopoly, etc. having a few drinks with our friends.

5. High self-esteem:

Every person is uniquely gifted, and we must understand and respect that. Trying every single day to wake up and move ahead. We can always do better. We deserve better, and a lawyer with depression needs to know he is worth something and he should be confident.

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6. Speak out:

If you need help, there should be no hesitation. Lawyers with depression are not standing alone in this.  People are there to support you, understand you. Seek help when needed. When you feel, you cannot tolerate this alone, and you need someone to hear you out, someone to give you opinions, do not hesitate. Seeking help at the right time can save a person from ruining their life.
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A physical and mental balance is very necessary to bring out the best of you. A person completes all tasks effectively when stable physically and mentally. Being in a legal profession, one cannot opt-out of the work to handle the mental illness until and unless an extreme situation arises. Some simple remedies can bring motivation and happiness to depressed lawyers’ life. Self-care is essential.

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