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Benefits of Becoming a Lawyer

Advantages of Becoming a Lawyer

Individuals, who wish to join a mainstream career option, would likely be benefited from gaining insight into their desired field of profession. In this post, we have listed the benefit of becoming a lawyer. Whether be it a country like India or any other, the law is still not a saturated field as it is not restrictive. It has a multitude of specialized fields with growing demand in sectors other than the field of litigation.

Anybody over the age of sixteen would have heard this question by now- ” In this post, we have listed the benefit of becoming a lawyer. Whether be it a country like India or any other, the law is still not a saturated field as it is not restrictive what do you aspire to be?”. Rather than a philosophical one, this question should be rather taken from a professional perspective. It really does matter as to what method of obtaining livelihood we choose. Thus, this question should be given much thought.

Now, why law? As any student of sociology would be familiar with, the law is a working and integral part of society. Lawyers, more than being an asset to society as a whole, would also be financially rewarding to the individual.

Choosing the career of law would definitely be time-consuming, with a five-year course nowadays, and demand a proportionate financial investment. But this is not without reaping the rewards afterward.

If even world leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, and Abraham Lincoln, who were iconic lawyers in their time, cannot influence your decision, may the following do so:

Here we have listed the benefits of becoming a lawyer.

1. A wide array of Career Options

It would be expected for a law graduate/student to ponder over their future. This may begin to happen either on graduation or during their academic course itself. Their options are not limited to civil and criminal litigation alone. Nowadays, a student can land a decent job opportunity during an internship, and even before they have graduated. There are multitudes of subjects in-law- family law, banking law, criminal law, taxation law, etc. Each subject of law, nowadays, demands a specialized lawyer for it and thus the market for lawyers grows steadily. Options in a legal career would not even be confined to working as a lawyer, but choices are open to become a legal adviser or work in politics or social work.

2. Financial Rewards, Benefits, and Stability

A young graduate, who has worked decently enough, can expect a starting package of around twelve to fourteen lakhs per annum. Thus, having a study through a five-year course would not be without proportional benefits. Lawyers are paid much more in the first-world developed countries, more than they are would be in India. Of course, one would have to work their way up from scratch in the litigation field, but it is no lie that stability would come in all fields of law.

3. Skills- critical thinking, analytical, logical reasoning

The aforementioned skills are demanded from a law aspirant right from their entrance exam to law school. The crux of the profession revolves around legal problems that require solutions. These legal problems would demand logical and analytical reasoning. Lawyers would be equipped with these skills to tackle their professional requirements.

4. Work-Life Balance

It often complains that in most professions, workers do not find a work-life balance. They would often find themselves overburdened with their work. Law would be a job that would require around seven to eight working hours a day. It would also mostly only require work during the weekdays. Law firms and offices usually provide vacation leaves and other leaves (paid and unpaid) for the benefit of the lawyers. Many law firms are now offer telecommuting, alternative work schedules, tiered pay scales, expanded family leave, including maternity and paternity leave, reduced billable hours, and virtual assistants to reduce workload.  The benefits of being a lawyer are increasing as law firms, and other employers see the value of providing additional flexibility for their employees in increased productivity and efficiency.

5. Work Environment

A legal office or a law firm would be competitive in nature but would also be amicable. Joining a certain department or a team would provide colleagues who would be at each others’ aid. Community gatherings and social outings would also be common practice in a legal work area. Law graduates or fresh lawyers would find themselves in a cubicle or a small office segment until they work their way up into having their own office room. The latter would provide its own prestige.

6. Prestige, Respect & Self Confidence

Being a lawyer, it would be something to be proud of. An accomplished lawyer would be well renowned and respected within their community, society, and even nationally. The legal career would provide the option and opportunity for one to invoke social change. There are revolutionary changes that can be made with a simple Public Interest Litigation filed before a High Court or at the Supreme Court. Prestige would be guaranteed with a good-paying job. Self-confidence is integral to job satisfaction.

7. Strong academic foundation

The five-year course or three-year course which forms a lawyer, in itself, provide much of the resources and skills needed to make a good lawyer. Furthermore, it combines the study of law with other subjects to provide knowledge in other areas of study as well. It is not unheard of for a lawyer to join administrative services or an accounting firm or a bank. Higher studies, i.e., Post Graduate courses, would be an opportunity for undergrad students to specialize in their field of interest.

8. Career Longevity

As it would be a career option that demands more cerebral work than physical work, it would guarantee a long working career. Most law careers do not necessarily set age for retirement unless it is the Government sector, and even if they do, it would be for pension purposes. A lawyer can always go solo during the twilight of his working days. Furthermore, it is possible to work from home or from any other remote location.

9. Other Perks

A career as a lawyer also offers a number of other perks. For example, some lawyers travel the country, or the world, to participate in trials, depositions, arbitrations, and business deals.

Other lawyers rub shoulders with business leaders, politicians, sports figures, and even celebrities. Another perk of practicing law is learning to think like a lawyer: studying law sharpens your analytical, reasoning, and critical thinking skills, giving you a new perspective on the world.

Take it from those who are already in the field and those who are to be- This profession brings no regrets with it, but only opportunities to excel.

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