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5 Techniques Lawyers use to retain their Clients

5 Techniques Lawyers use to retain their Clients
5 Techniques Lawyers use to retain their Clients


It is a well-established principle that getting people hooked and retaining them are actually separate ballgames. It takes a much more substantial and well thought out approach to keep people hooked and want more of your services.

This same psychological yet meticulous approach applies to various business models including the legal profession as well. Improving client loyalty should be a priority or those clients you worked so hard for could vanish before you even know what happened.
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These are the following 5 best-proven techniques that Lawyers and attorneys use to retain their clients


Legal clients are often attracted to various legal firms based on matching agendas and etiquettes. Clients find it very easy to understand the services of a legal firm when they can inculcate and understand the core basis and values of the firm. According to a study by the Corporate Executive Board of 7000, U.S. consumers have cited “shared values” as the primary source for brand loyalty. This logic can be applied in the legal profession well. Hence, if you need to retain clients, you have to convince and share with them what your firm stands for and what values it projects. If you are looking to acquire new clients then you may like to refer to this excellent article.
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As evident as it is, client communication and service are fundamental to maintaining an impeccable and satisfactory legal profession. This has always been a differentiator that Lawyers use to retain their clients. Client service is the necessary factor that keeps reeling the clients in because they feel like their needs are heard, and their concerns are catered to. It is essential to improve client service by adopting various methods such as appointing a designated client relations employee or client service executive who is accessible without a hassle and who is more than capable of hearing out the client and their concerns. Ultimately, it’s the care that a legal firm shows to its clients that brings them back. Excellent client service has been known to create a loyal client base for all businesses.


The legal profession is a two-way street. It is imperative to maintain a certain rapport with clients. The age where firms kept silent is now over. In this digital age, firms are fast becoming entities with their own opinions and values. There will be days when the necessary operations won’t go as planned, and it is way easier and comfortable to come clean and inform your clients about the issue. Being honest and offering to find a solution rather than keeping it behind doors and making way to unnecessary speculations. Another method is to admit mistakes and maintain a good social media profile for the firm rather than getting sensitive and endangering the reputation of the firm. It can be instead, be an opportunity to display transparency by addressing the issue and providing updates. This is another way of attracting loyal clients to your legal firm.
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With so many social media platforms, it is quite easy to gain attention, but it takes a particular work to make it stick. A sense of community and belonging will attract like-minded people to your legal firm, and it paints a positive image of the firm as it looms after the clients feel included in them. This sense of belonging will create a personal touch in the minds of clients. This is an effective way that Lawyers use to retain their clients and an excellent way for user-generated content to attest for client satisfaction and further to share it on social media platforms.
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A healthy and pragmatic legal firm will “under-promise and over-deliver”. It is merely a nuanced way of saying to exceed expectations. As a client, people will have prejudices and presumptions about the firm, and it is helpful to exceed their expectations positively. One of the methods to do this would be strengthening client care relations. If a client is informed that it would take 24 hours for a client care executive to reach them, the client’s expectations can be exceeded by contacting them in a much shorter time than 24 hours.

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Hence, to conclude, building a loyal client and retaining clients helps in several ways – it saves you from spending marketing dollars to continually find new customers, and bring more referral clients to your door.
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