What Are Human Rights & Why Are They Important?

Human rights are the basic rights and freedom that belong to all people in the world, from birth to death. These rights are based on shared values like dignity, equality, fairness, respect, and independence. These ethics are protected and defined by the laws of various countries.

Importance of Human rights

Some human rights are more visible than others. It’s much easier for people to relate to rights like the right to vote, or the right to a fair trial in a court of law. These are often related to the roles of government and the democratic process. But some human rights are more fundamental, and often unknown to the public. For example, the right to health is one of the most important, yet overlooked. Without health care, people can’t fulfill their basic needs, like getting a good night’s sleep, or not getting sick. They also can’t contribute to their communities, and may even die from preventable diseases. You can think of human rights as the right to a basic, adequate standard of living, as protected by human rights law. If you think your rights have been violated, contact Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers, P.C.

Why are human rights important?

Human rights are important because no one should be abused or discriminated against, and because everyone should have the chance to develop their talents. Unfortunately, many people around the world don’t have these basic rights and freedoms. As the most developed country on Earth, the United States has the most influence on the world’s governments and its people. That’s why it is important that our government does all it can to protect human rights in America and abroad. What Can You Do to Stand Up for Human Rights? If you really want to help protect human rights, it’s important to do your part. Here are a few things you can do to help. Decide what human rights are important to you. Start a dialogue with friends and family.

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TYPES OF HUMAN RIGHTS A/C TO UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Right)

When the UDHR (UNITED NATION UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS) was released, it had two purposes:

one to provide a guideline for the future and two to force the world to acknowledge the same during World War II, (because after world war we have lost so many lives unnecessarily and the governments in some countries do not provide the basic requirement of the people)

Initially, the Human rights of many individuals had been infringed on a very large scale. So that governments can be held accountable for their actions if they are violating what stands under Human Rights. There’s power in naming injustice and pointing to a precedent, which makes the UDHR and other human right documents so important. UDHR states that there are some basic laws that must be practised or some rights must be given to people to ensure human dignity, individuality, equality, and also to protect them.

  1. To have marriage and family
  2. The right to claim your own belongings
  3. Freedom of thought
  4. Freedom of expression
  5. The right to public assembly
  6. The right to democracy
  7. To have a social security
  8. Worker’s right
  9. Right to education

These rights ensure that everyone is able to live their lives and express their thoughts and ideas without any external constraints irrespective of their social or financial standing.

Human rights violations

Any crime against humanity can be a human rights violation, including murder, torture, forced eviction, imprisonment, racism, and any crime that targets human dignity. As Human Rights Watch says: Every day, in homes, in schools, on streets, and at workplaces, women, men, girls, and boys are being harassed and abused for being different. Rights are never granted to people by their governments. The ideals of democracy, equality, and justice are rights themselves. These rights are the basis of every democracy, and governments that ignore, violate, or violate human rights are not democracies. Rights abuses Abuse of human rights can take many forms.
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Human rights are basic standards of behavior concerning certain issues that are universally regarded as important. If you are born human, the world has set standards of behavior for you that you are required to obey. These standards are called human rights. They are believed to be universal because every country that has signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has agreed to them.

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by Abhishek Sharma
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    1. Human rights umm just a texual concept things that we read in books only. tell where are human right organisations in Palestine syria Afghanistan kashmir etc where peoples have no rights and no one is even looking at those peoples just reading and feeling yes yes there are the human rights but practical implication of this huh no one is there. America biggest criminal in the world and what Israel is doing in palestine and india in kashmir o come on who cares these are just written things hahaha

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