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Top Reasons to File a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit and How to Be Successful in Getting Compensation

When you have entrusted a loved member of your family to a nursing home, it is with the expectation that he will be well cared for and treated with dignity. Shockingly, there is a huge prevalence of neglect and abuse in nursing homes, with the elderly and the infirm being meted out physical, verbal, economic, and emotional abuse simply because most of them are not in a position to fight back.

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According to https://edition.cnn.com, as many as 20% of the visits to an ER by nursing home residents are the result of abuse. Victims of nursing home abuse can sue the nursing home with the help of an experienced attorney. Find a dependable attorney firm at:

Knowing the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

If your loved one complains of abuse, you should never fail to ask for details and find out if there is evidence to support it. You should also look out for sudden changes in behavior, signs of fear, becoming uncommunicative, and not socializing as before. Increased agitation in the presence of some staff members should be a red flag. Similarly, you should be on the alert if you find the staff restricting your access to your loved one. Malnutrition, dehydration, bedsores, and recurrent infections point fingers at nursing home neglect. Unexplained injuries, broken bones, and signs of physical restraint, broken spectacles, hearing aids, etc. also point to physical abuse. Victims may also display signs of sexual abuse by bruising of the genital areas, genital infections, besides torn and stained underclothes or bed linen.

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How Filing a Lawsuit for Nursing Home Abuse Can Help

The victim of nursing home abuse can file a lawsuit against the offending nursing home to not only put a stop to the inhumane treatment but also to obtain compensation and damages for the abuse inflicted on the victim. Often, in tragic nursing home abusecases, the medical treatment and therapy can be very expensive. Suing the nursing home can help to get the compensation for medical bills, mental health therapy, physiotherapy, as well as out-of-pocket costs incurred on ambulances, changing nursing homes, and hiring additional caregivers. Damages can also be claimed for the pain and suffering incurred as well as punitive awards for discouraging the nursing home from repeating their abusive behavior with others.
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Nursing home abuse can be devastating for not only the victim but also for the family members. Filing a lawsuit for nursing home abuse can help to keep your loved one safe from future harm as well as pay for the costs incurred on the treatment of the effects of abuse. However, having an attorney with experience in handling nursing home abuse cases by your side can ease the process considerably and allow you to get justice more quickly.
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Nursing home abuse is a grievous offense, and you must take swift steps to report it to the authorities. If the physical and emotional injuries are severe, you should consider suing the nursing home not only for compensation and damages but also for punitive penalties to act as a strong deterrent to future misbehavior.

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