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Do’s and Don’ts After a Truck Accident You Must Know

Truck accidents can lead to loss of life or property or leave lifelong physical or emotional scars. After such a dreadful event, it is hard to regain consciousness and decide what to do next. Thus, having prior knowledge of do’s and don’ts after a truck accident is a great idea, ensuring you take all the right steps that can backfire during the claim or in the courtroom. 

If you’re a truck driver or want to know what you should do or not do, keep on reading, or you can hire a truck accident attorney for complete guidance. This article will highlight the top dos and don’ts after a truck accident. Let’s dive in! 

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Do’s and Don’ts After a Truck Accident You Must Know


1. Seek Medical Attention Instantly: Getting immediate medical attention is crucial to avoid serious injuries or body pain, which can cause major health conditions in the future. 

2. Try Gathering Evidence: Evidence is the most important to prove your innocence in court and get the claim. Capture images of the road, vehicles, your injuries, and other critical evidence. 

3. File a Police Report: If you have faced a truck accident, file a police report and give them complete details about the crash, as it is a necessity while filing an injury claim later on. 

4. Exchange Contact Numbers with Witnesses: In case there are any witnesses in the place of the accident, take their contact information so that you can reach out to them in the future. 

5. Contacting a Truck Accident Lawyer: Truck accidents can be extremely overwhelming; hiring a truck accident lawyer or an attorney will help you fill out the claiming form and fight for your rights. 


1. Don’t Drive Away: You might feel like running away after the truck accident even when you’re not at fault. Avoid doing such acts, as it will hurt your claims. 

2. Don’t Sign Anything: The insurance company may pressure you to sign papers of an initial settlement and ask for the release after the crash. Do not sign anything until and unless you regain your consciousness. 

3. Do Not Accept the Insurance Company’s Initial Offer: Although an insurance company may sympathize with you, their primary aim is to keep their losses minimum. Thus, they will offer you lower compensation. Refrain from accepting where to hire an attorney for negotiation. 

4. Do Not Post On Social Media About the Case: Post the incident and avoid posting anything about it on social media sites, as insurance companies may misuse this post by challenging the seriousness of your injuries to undermine the claim. 

Wrapping Up!

If you have ever experienced a truck accident, it is life-threatening. If you experience any such condition in the future, consider following this list of do’s and don’ts and hire an attorney. 

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by Sushree Swagatika

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