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5 Best legal blogs of 2020- 21 for Lawyers

best legal blogs 2020

Legal blogging plays an indispensable role in developing the legal spectrum. It demystifies the law, making it accessible to even the common man. The following are the 5 Best legal blogs of 2020 – 2021 for Lawyers –

With its highest standards of professionalism, above the law is one of the most excellent legal blogs across the world. It publishes trend-breaking pieces on an everyday basis and provides news, opinions on various judgments, law firms, law schools, governmental issues, and varied legal technologies. Published by Breaking Media, it also aids and advises job seekers by providing different job postings available throughout the country.

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One of the fascinating features of this legal blog is that it posts approximately 19 posts per day. It keeps the legal fraternity updated with the current legal developments across the world. The blog also reviews the latest judgments of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Through insightful features and witty remarks, it stands out to be among the top legal blogs.

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) blog is dedicated to providing detailed and comprehensive coverage of the court and its cases. It is handled by a dedicated team of lawyers, students of law, and journalists. Through its easy-to-understand analysis of cases, it plays a vital part in imparting legal knowledge even to the common man. Additionally, they host podcasts called SCOTUStalk in which they have insightful takes on events and topics related to the Supreme Court.

SCOTUS blog has received awards such as the Peabody Award for excellence in electronic media, the American Gavel Award for Distinguished Reporting About the Judiciary to recognize the highest standards of reporting about courts and the justice system. It provides links to online symposia addressing court cases and issues involving the court and other necessary resources. Hence, it helps in fostering knowledge about the intricacies of the legal system and, consequentially, making the law more accessible.

The Crime Report is a criminal justice-oriented legal blog covering the sweep of subject areas, from drug law to hate crimes and wrongful convictions. TCR blog provides the latest news, interviews, and columns spanning the entirety of the criminal legal spectrum. They also provide commentaries by renowned criminologists, law enforcement experts, and reports on the latest criminal justice news, which makes headlines across the globe.

Other striking features of the blog include an updated calendar of events in the criminal justice field, with downloadable resource materials on the contact list of experts, case studies, reporter’s handbooks, and much more. It is headed by two national organizations, namely the Center on Media, Crime, and Justice, and Criminal Justice Journalists. They also provide internships to aspiring criminal justice professionals and journalists.

Founded in 2002, the Volokh Conspiracy is the brainchild of Eugene Volokh, professor of UCLA School of Law. They were affiliated to the Washington Post initially; later, they moved to Reason Magazine. It is handled by a team of dedicated law professors who are libertarian, centrist, conservative, and a mix of all these. The posts are focused on traditional news analysis and exciting new legal developments.

Furthermore, they have published books on various subjects. They also have the Volokh Dail Mail through which the readers get each latest post on their mailbox. It is of the internet’s most-read blog with a diverse readership spanning from scholars, policymakers to even Supreme Court Justices.

Heated public debates over the Affordable Care Act were set forth through the legal blogging at the Volokh Conspiracy. They have been vital in formulating constitutional arguments against the Act. It was the first time when a blog was part of developing arguments submitted to the Supreme Court. They also provided momentum to various debates and discussions on the Obamacare litigation.

Legodesk is one of the prominent legal tech blogs with a dedicated and committed team hell-bent on providing legal knowledge. It also aims to integrate technology with the law to bring out the maximum potential of practicing lawyers. The blog itself deals with various comprehensive legal areas and, additionally, provides tips, ideas, and advice to legal professionals to make the most out of their legal practice.

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It operates under four heads as Legopedia, legal practice, student’s corner, and experts speak. Consequentially, it provides extensive legal technology resources and insightful articles on core areas of law. Hence, legodesk is the right platform providing an intersection between law and technology.

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