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Know 5 Major Pros and Cons of Being a Lawyer

The profession of lawyer carries with it great power and rewards, but at the same time, it also carries several responsibilities. This career is one of the most respectful, rewarding, and interesting careers. There are times when a lawyer has to suffer from stress overflowing from the case he handles and at times is applauded by the society for the work he did. Like in every profession, there are some major pros and cons of being a lawyer. Let’s discuss some of them.

Pros of Being a Lawyer

  1. Learning new things- A lawyer handles several cases from various backgrounds each of them having different facts and circumstances. Therefore, he has to apply his mind and law carefully. In this process, he learns new things at every step of conducting the case. No other means could be as informative as pursuing this profession.
  2. Knowing your legal rights- In today’s times, one of the most important things to escape from the filth of society is to know the law. A lawyer is well aware of all his legal rights. He knows when he is exploited by people and the steps he could take to escape. Often people overlook small acts committed by vendors and sellers to commit fraud on buyers/consumers. But this tactic remains obsolete when a lawyer is standing in front of them. Also, you know the legal consequence of all the things. This becomes one of the best and main pros of being a lawyer.
  3. Several career options- When you become a lawyer, you open doors for yourself to choose from a wide number of careers. You may either enter the public sector or carry on your private firm. You may also choose to enter in Governmental jobs which are considered highly respectful and prestigious jobs in India. There are also other options like working under some senior lawyer, teaching, providing legal advice, etc. A lawyer usually earns a good salary and is rewarded for his work.
  4. Working for others- A lawyer works hard for the rights of his client. He is respected and trusted by his client. Therefore, a lawyer feels good about the work he does. In India, usually, people do not want to meet a lawyer because they don’t want to get trapped in legal matters. But when they meet lawyers and see how professionally they work for their clients, people build faith and trust in them. Lawyers make a stressful situation easy to bear.
  5. Wide range of contacts- A lawyer meets new people every day and work for them. They need help from several persons and help many people while dealing with a particular case. In this process, they form a wide range of contacts by knowing new people, organizations, law firms, etc. every day.

Cons of Being a Lawyer

  1. Stress- A lawyer has a lot of responsibilities; therefore, it becomes stressful for him. As a lawyer deals with many cases in a day, he has to be up to date with every law concerning the cases he deals with regarding the amendments, insertion of new laws, deletion of old laws, etc. This becomes very hectic and stressful for him. He takes new cases every day; therefore, the stress never ends and goes on till he is in the profession.
  2. Competition- In today’s world, competition is everywhere, and the profession of lawyer is no exception. For graduates who have no legal background, it may be very difficult to work in a court and earn a livelihood. It becomes impossible for them to enter this profession. Not every lawyer gets cases and good fees from their clients. The profession is full of competition. Therefore, wide knowledge and exceptional personality are needed.
  3. Bad reputation- In the eyes of the general public lawyers don’t have a good image. In our nation, people want to escape lawyers and legal proceedings as far as it is possible for them. They don’t want to enter courts. They think that if once they enter a court, a lawyer would never let them out from that case to earn more and more money by the pending hearing of the case. Therefore, lawyers don’t enjoy a good reputation in India.
  4. Underestimation of lawyers- People usually underestimate the profession of a lawyer. They don’t understand the importance of knowing the law and legal perspective. This is the reason they don’t respect a lawyer. Law is an instrument that guides the nation and everything that is happening in this nation. Knowing the law is of great importance. People remain far away from this reality and underestimate the knowledge and power of lawyers.
  5. Changing scenario- The world is evolving with the technology reaching its heights. Technology is, in turn, evolving the practices of law. Many legal procedures are made online now, like document reviewing, presentation, billing software, etc. As a result, lawyers need to learn to work on a wide range of legal platforms.


The kind of work lawyers does, makes it one of the most respected professions around the globe. In India, however, the job of a lawyer is not considered much respectful. This perspective of people needs to be changed. People need to know the importance of the legal profession in this changing time. Lawyers work towards the upliftment of the society and fighting for the rights of the citizens. Therefore they should be applauded. This will help in removing the setbacks that the lawyers suffer.

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