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Lawyers always make people amazed by the work they do and the professionalism they carry with themselves. It’s not easy to become a good and successful lawyer. One needs to work hard and practice more and more to excel in the field. While people feel flabbergasted and nonplused when a lawyer tells them a legal factor or any legal reasoning, we have some great facts about lawyers.

  • Lawyers are hardworking

For some, it may sound usual, but many people don’t believe that a lawyer is a hard-working person. He has to manage a lot and go through various studies in order to appear for a single case that he handles. His hard work and dedication are all he needs to win a challenging case in the court of law. The latest studies conducted by the HEPI’s on Academic Experience Survey reveals that law students work harder than the students who choose any other subject, like, History, Languages, Social Studies, Mass communication, etc. The lawyers who switch their fields have worked hard and have done great work after switching their jobs.

  • Many lawyers don’t like to practice law

You may think that all lawyers do practice law. But this is not true, and many lawyers believe that practicing law for them is not fulfilling and therefore, they decide to leave the profession and enter some other field. Many lawyers enter the banking field, business development, consultation, education, and also have excelled in their respective fields. Ty Doyle, a renowned lawyer, has explained the reasons as to why lawyers become unhappy by their work. She says that the unexciting, attorney-client relationship and adversarial nature of the legal work are some of the reasons that lawyers switch from their profession.

  • Many famous personalities have gone to law schools

A surprisingly high number of celebrities, famous personalities, and prominent individuals have attained a law degree. Law has helped many of the great people in fighting against the wrong. One of the most important examples is Mahatma Gandhi, who had studied law from the University of London, Faculty of Law. Nelson Mandela is yet another example. Other great personalities that had studies law are Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Fidel Castro. Many celebrities and Television stars have also obtained a law degree. Many celebrities and Television stars have also obtained a law degree. These people have inspired their fans, like Joe Posado, to go to law school themselves.

  • Fairness while practicing law varies

The quantum of fairness while practicing law varies greatly from one jurisdiction to another jurisdiction. A survey data from the Institue of Legal Reforms declared five states to be most reasonable and fair while practicing law. The states were South Dakota, New Hamshire, Vermont, Idaho, and Minnesota. Another five states that were revealed to be least fair and reasonable while practicing law were Califonia, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, and Louisiana.

Fairness while practicing law is one of the important aspects that need to be followed. Unfair means and application of unreasonable legal provisions leads to bad name and lowers the reputation of the lawyer. As a result, the lawyers get fewer cases in the future.

  • The profession of a lawyer is one of the oldest

One of the interesting facts about being a lawyer is that the profession has its historic origin. Originating from the Ancient Greece Period, the profession is one of the oldest and has a great significance and is highly relevant in today’s world. Of course, it was not in the same position at that period when it originated. Lawyers have gained great respect and relevance in their hard word and orientation skills.

  • Stress is like a life partner

This is definitely one of the negative parts of being a lawyer. The worst part is that stress is unavoidable and inevitable. No lawyer would deny the fact they undergo a lot of stressful nights throughout their careers. The stress lowers with passing years of practicing law, and the lawyer learns how to manage and accept the situations. The work is full of struggle, and tussle is tied every now an then.

  • There is a high amount of money to be earned

For an aspiring lawyer, this fact is really very important. Lawyers earn a lot of money if they show their professionalism and spar the tough moments. One of the incentives to become a lawyer is the high amount of salary and money that he may earn if he excels in the field.


Lawyers are very hardworking and motivating, and therefore, we need to learn from their achievements. There is a constant tussle between barriers and attainments that they have to solve, which they do very gracefully. It is great and inspiring to know their stories and facts about lawyers. There are many facts about a lawyer that motivate the young generation to choose the legal field. This is the reason law getting more and more popular among greater masses nowadays.

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