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Types of clients a lawyer should avoid

Types of clients a lawyer should avoid

There is a different type of clients, and some clients must be avoided, and each and everyone in your office needs to aware that what type of clients to avoid. And it is very important to discuss with your Junior counsel and the associates that what types of client you guys must have to avoid as they are also associated with the work to bring clients in the chamber or firm.

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Law practice mainly involves representing people who have done something wrong or in trouble because of someones else wrong, and they are basically categorized into two-part, firstly bad clients, which a lawyer better to avoid, and secondly, those people who can actually be good clients. So now here a question arises what the actual difference between a good client and a bad client, why it is recommended that a lawyer should avoid a certain type of people who come up as a client is. So this questions’ solution we are actually trying to find out through this blog. People who have certain attitudes and opinions can sometimes make a lawyer’s life a nightmare.

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As we all are aware of the fact that the Law field in today’s time is one of the most respected, reputed and always a field of much demanding. Becoming a lawyer is not an easy task. Choosing law as a career means we are ready to continue our studies even after graduation. The whole process takes a lot of time, lots of effort, and intelligent choices to begin a career in law. So it also becomes a very important part to choose a client wisely because law professionals are already putting so much effort to excel in this field. Becoming a lawyer is no cakewalk, but it is a comprehensive education that will ensure a sweet career for an individual.

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So one of the best ways to maintain the nobility of this particular profession is to manage a good relationship with clients and is to avoid the clients who fall under the ambit of bad clients in the first place. There are various types of a lawyer who is considered as that smart lawyers because they have mastered in learning how to avoid representing bad clients. This actually doesn’t essentially mean that turning down cases where the advocates disapprove of what the client did.

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The following are some of the people (clients) that it would be wise to avoid representing by the legal practitioner.

  1. The Angry Client: –

There are a lot of incidents that arise in which it is found out that the advocates have been physically assaulted by angry clients as initially, the lawyers did not take this anger problem seriously. And even if that particular client is not physically violent, but this type of client has their capability to make a lawyer’s life miserable. These kinds of a client may come under the ambit of “Revenge Seekers” so, beware of that specific type of clients who are basically looking for a pound of flesh. And the reality is they may not be happy again until they have some of yours.

2. The Cheapskate: –

Types of clients who focused more on bargaining rather than the status of a  case. We all are aware of the fact that Lawyers are expensive, as it’s smart business to focus on reducing costs for clients. But a client who keeps spending time more on complaining about fees than discussing legal issues is one of the types which must be avoided unless you are willingly involved in arguing over unpaid invoices.

3. Dreamers: –

These are the type of clients who have their own expectation about the cases or unrealistic expectations about the value or result of their case. It is Attorney’s work to explain in detail what the law can do and what cannot. And If they still have unrealistic expectations, start to avoid such type of clients. Some clients have unrealistic expectations about service, about time, about costs, about results, so its best that before entering into a lawyer-client relationship with a new person an advocate must try to assure the client has a realistic understanding.

   4. Inappropriate client: –

Simply, if any person who was in advocate -lawyers relationship done something against the natural action or something which comes under the ambit of the term “inappropriate,” then a lawyer should avoid that type of client too. For example, if the client persists in trying to seduce the advocates or if the advocate is in strong believes that he or she will yield to temptation over time,  so it is best to terminate the lawyer-client relationship immediately. The simple reason is as no any lawyer should risk his or her legal career over a person who is only pretending to like the lawyer to get out of paying a bill.

5. A Liar and Rude Client: –

A client who lies or does not discloses necessary information willingly after asking, again and again, can set you up to be blindsided by the other side. So better to avoid these type of client as Nothing is worse than having a client who lies to their lawyer or asks their lawyer to lie for them. And on the other hand, a rude client is mostly considered as that type of client who does not respect their advocates usually. Lawyers should not be deals with such type of client.

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by Ketan Srivastava

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