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Benefits of using a Virtual Office for Legal Startups in India

Benefits of using a Virtual Office

Virtual Office and Startups

One of the best things about owning a startup is the fact that you can run it on your own terms. You get to decide the work environment that best suits you and your business. With the advent of startups and freelancing, there has been an increase in the very concept of something known as the virtual office.

A virtual office is a benefit of working for your company from anywhere you desire but also having a verified office address to entrust your clients with the legitimacy of a traditional office. Most startups, especially in the industries of real estate, tech and legal, have shifted to virtual offices. Setting up a legal startup in this day and age where real estate rates have hit the roof is a gruelling task. In addition, to create an engaging work environment is just expensive. This is where a virtual office saves your bacon. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of legal virtual offices.

Virtual Legal Firm
Legitimate and Reliable

The most popular criticism on the virtual office is that it is not legitimate owing to the absence of a traditional office and its services. Well, that is not true. Virtual offices in India gives you a professional office address which also acts as your business postal address. There is a valid local telephone number along with a receptionist who will answer your queries. It also includes an envelope opening and scanning service that helps you get information faster. If you need to meet your clients, you can also rent a meeting room in that location. It has all the requirements and services a traditional office provides but just in a more comfortable way. This helps inculcate trust in clients, especially in a legal virtual office.


The biggest benefit of a virtual office is that it cuts down on a lot of your expenses and does not burn a hole in your pocket. The very fact that you need not rent an office in a commercial hub of the city is proof of that. Thus, saving you some more money from not having to spend on furniture, maintenance and decor for the fancy look. Additionally, not having to commute every day is just a cherry on top. Legal startups usually need a lot of space with separate conference rooms, research cabins and desks etc. Since a legal virtual office cuts down on all these, it is more efficient.

The Work-Life Balance
Balance of work-home

The benefit of flexibility provided by a virtual office immensely helps you maintain a work-life balance. Since you are mostly working from the comfort of your home, it gives you more time to focus on work and also to fit in personal errands in your schedule. Thus, providing higher rates of satisfaction which ultimately results in business productivity. Some employees are really comfortable with not having to make small talks, to be under constant supervision and to escape the ‘office drama’ which helps increase the efficiency of the employees.


Since you own a startup, it is important to test the market before you commit to it.

A virtual office is highly reliable this way where it becomes a testing ground for the future scope and expansion of your business. Since you have not spent a lot of money, it seems like a safer option to test the market first. If everything works out well, you can always get back to the traditional office. With the option of telephone services and receptionist, client’s queries are actually answered instead of it being transferred to a voicemail, even when the advocates might be busy in court. Happy clients help expand the business.


No fuel emissions and adding to the pollution since you don’t have to commute. All employees, collectively are using less electricity and water. The waste generation also decreases due to the reduction of paper and trash. Thus, virtual offices produced less carbon footprint than traditional offices. Shifting to this Eco-friendly option is helpful to the environment at large.

Benefits of Virtual Legal Offices During Crisis & Emergencies:

As business comes to a halt with this global pandemic at our door, the importance of virtual offices is felt ever than before. With social distancing being the norm to avoid the spread of COVID-19, virtual legal offices ensure legal matters are taken care of from the comfort of home. Even though legal matters are considered to be people & paper-oriented, virtual legal platforms are catching up by demonstrating efficiency, accuracy, and safety. 

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by Aditi Khedagi

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