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8 Lawyers Turned Entrepreneurs Who Are Creating a Revolution in Law

Lawyers are leaving the sheltered and well-paying universe of law to manufacture their own quickly developing enterprises. Business visionaries are daring people, while lawyers tend to attempt and limit hazard or maintain a strategic distance from it. Lawyers are commonly haters of risk yet additionally they have a ton of the important information or aptitudes that would be a noteworthy advantage to a business start-up. Nowadays lawyers have chosen to let go of the shelter of risk-taking ability too. Below is the list of the 8 most renowned Lawyer turned Entrepreneurs who are known not only for their great contributions in the field of law but also in the field of creating business enterprises.

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1. Brian Lee

Brian Lee

He is a law graduate with heaps of involvement in the field of law. Amid his course of training, he redirected his psyche towards opening two internet business websites. In 2001, he established legalzoom.com, which is an online law website, which offers training to the customers on different legitimate issues. He has contributed feasibly by helping improve the part of women on business grounds.

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2. Sanjukta Basu

Sanjukta Basu

Law practioner in New Delhi at Delhi bar Council turned the course of her life by being the founder member of Samyuta media. Her point was to give advanced promoting administrations to small-scale business ventures. She was likewise awarded the TED Fellowship grant for the compelling addresses on social media.

3. Elizabeth Holloway Marston

Elizabeth Holloway Marston

Born in 1893, she finished her law degree from Boston University. She was the motivation of the most renowned character wonder woman. She likewise built up the systolic pulse test machine.

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4. Leslie Fertel

Leslie Fertel

Presently, Leslie Fertel is the founder member of Tower Legal Solutions, established in 2007. The company offers lawful staffing, counseling, and consistency advises for law offices and organizations.  Ms. Firtell went for this enrolling position with a legitimate staffing firm after completing her graduation in law.

5. Noah Weisberg

Noah Weisberg

Before establishing Kira Systems, Noah rehearsed at the New York law office. He is now the CEO and organizer of Kira systems. Kira Systems enables ventures to distinguish, remove and dissect business data from unstructured contracts

6. Nehal Madhani

Nehal Madhani

Nehal Madani, presently the CEO and founder member of Alt Legal, moved on from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and found work at the renowned law office of Kirkland and Ellis. He later found Alt Legal, cloud-based programming utilizing innovation to oversee worldwide IP filings.

7. Afe Babola

Afe Babola

He is an individual from the Lincoln’s Inn, London, and enlisted individual from the Bar of England and Wales and a recognized individual from the Nigerian Bar. He was conceded into the Nigerian Inner Bar as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) in 1987. Afe Babalola has been practically speaking for more than 40 years and is a dynamic continuous individual from the Nigeria Bar Association and International Bar Association (IBA). His experience and number of years in continuous legitimate practice have furnished him with flexibility in numerous territories of law. He is a specialist to a few combinations, the Federal Government of Nigeria, organizations and the World Bank. Babalola is an overseer of notoriety and is effectively associated with both local and worldwide intervention. He possesses a colossal law library and is unequivocally dedicated to the headway of law and the legitimate calling in Nigeria. He has as of late been chosen as the Vice President of the Club of Rectors of Europe by European Business Assembly with base camp in Oxford, UK

8. Sumner Redstone

Afe Babola

He finished his law degree at Harvard University. He and his family is a noteworthy investor of various organizations like Viacom, CBS Corporation, Paramount Pictures and numerous more. In 2007, he was positioned 86th wealthiest person by Forbes magazine. He is presently an administrator of National Amusements, which is a theatre organization.

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