Has anybody changed their opinion on Yogi Adityanath, and why?

Yogi Adityanath (born as Ajay Mohan Bisht) on 5 June 1972) is the current and the 21st Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He is also an Indian priest and Hindu nationalist politician who has been in the news for a variety of reasons.

As a young Chief Minister, Yogi has gone quite far in entrancing almost 50 conclusions within a week of assuming the charge. The power of taking decisions began by requesting his ministers to announce their assets within 15 days. Because of this movement, some of the major assessments also created ripples in the political community and society at large.

Yogi who after joining office on March 26th, 2017 brought many new initiatives into action that changed the perception of many. Let us also have a look at how the person carrying an image of the Hindutva firebrand has been able to change their opinion.
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1.Cleanliness Drive/ Focus on Sanitation

This initiative of cleanliness in the Government offices and the ban on chewing tobacco is a move that has been welcomed by all. Not only this move but things like eliminating holidays on birthdays of well-known personalities were also loved by all. Likewise, a makeover of old temples was another great idea which if started soon would generate revenues in the tourism sector.

Yogi Adityanath has even asked senior state government officials to be conscious and pull up their socks ensuring that 30 districts of the state are open defecation-free by December. Isn’t this a great move?

He also has banned the use of plastic in government offices.
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Regarding the Swachh Bharat Mission initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister said, “Uttar Pradesh lags behind other states as far as cleanliness is concerned. Despite the availability of safai workers both in urban and rural areas, there is laxity in this regard.”

So, to say, Yogi Adityanath Govt. is trying to create an impact and is trying their best to do what a constitutionally elected Government should be doing. People can see the tireless work done for the state.

2. The ban on illegal slaughterhouses

Yogi Adityanath has clearly said that the abattoirs operating legally won’t be touched, but the action would definitely be taken against the illegal ones.

“The illegal abattoirs will be closed down,” he had said while addressing a civic reception in his hometown. Regarding its closure, Adityanath said the (NGT) National Green Tribunal had in the past vowed on its closure. With its ban, the meat supply has been stopped by too many restaurants. While we also got to hear news reported by Hindustan Times that animals in the Kanpur Zoo weren’t getting their daily feed, meat sellers since then have been on strike.
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3. Anti-Romeo Squad

Yogi Adityanath also directed the state’s top administrators to mark out a clear guiding principle for the ‘Anti-Romeo Squad’, so that no “unnecessary harassment” of boys and girls would be seen and done.

The state government has asked the Uttar Pradesh (UP) police to create an “Anti-Romeo Squads” in 11 districts of Lucknow so that sexual harassment cases could be prevented reports, The Hindu. The squad will be present in front of the schools and colleges.

He has also asked for effective measures to be taken in cases of acid attacks. The Chief Minister also strained on the blanket ban on illegal mining focusing that there were contrary rumors about some districts.
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4. Crackdown on the bureaucrats

On March 22nd, Yogi Adityanath has urged his ministerial colleagues not to use sirens as well as hooters on their four-wheelers, as he believed that they create “noise pollution” and disturbs the public.

Moreover, on 25 March, Yogi Adityanath also gave direction to the officials of the Public Works Department (PWD) to make the entire state roads pothole-free by 15 June 2017.  A proper work plan to extend better facilities to the people residing in rural areas and system of adopting e-tendering too has been asked by the officials to make the system more translucent.

Teachers too weren’t spared from this move. They have been asked not to wear T-shirts while working on the job and stop using cell phones unnecessarily unless required while on duty.

5. Restriction on the food mafia

The UP CM didn’t stop himself from this only. He ordered strict action against the food grain as well as the ration mafia leading the officials’ along with so that reports of locked sugar mills in the state could be deferred.

“The poor people must be issued ration cards, while stringent action is initiated against the food grain and ration mafia. The superintendents of police and district magistrates must act tough against the mafia through sustained campaigns,” he said in a review meeting of officials of Gorakhpur and Basti divisions.

Yogi  Aditya Nath has also clearly instructed the officials to shift the base of the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research in Lucknow to Pipraich so that the construction work of AIIMS could be started as early as possible in the city.
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According to The Times of India, among several of his decisions, the Chief Minister has also asked to make sure the structure of metro railway in Agra, Meerut, Gorakhpur, and Jhansi would be constructed in a better way.

The minister has also focused on the arrangement of proper drinking water facilities at each of the police stations along with the guidelines for making a citizen’s charter in each of the departments.  Furthermore, to strengthen the security the CM has also ordered the installation of CCTV cameras at all government offices.

Here, is a piece of good news for all that the government of Uttar Pradesh (UP) has also ordered to provide electricity during Navaratra, Ram Navami and several other facilities would be given to the devotees at Shaktipeetha during the nine-day festival. Amazing move, right?

All of the BJP office bearers and public representatives have been asked not to undertake any sort of contractual work. “No office bearer of the party or any public representative should undertake any contractual work (thekedaari). They should rather monitor them. And, if they find any discrepancy, they can inform me, so that action could be taken immediately against the guilty,” he had said.

Even, the new state government ordered a stay on Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) results after getting several complaints of irregularities. The government directed UPPSC to halt the exams and interviews until they get further orders.  

Thus, the next couple of years would be critical for the state as it remains to be seen what would be the government’s next step!

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