What Do You Understand by the term Demarcate

Introduction To Demarcate

The word Demarcate means to determine something or to limit or mark off the boundaries. It also means to separate distinctly. Demarcate is to delimit the things or to set apart. Like, boundaries of the country are drawn to make it clear that it is separate from other countries boundary. When a person is demarcating then that person is creating the boundary. The officials of the election also create a boundary or they change boundaries of districts or cities.

It starts i.e. Demarcating when lines are drawn on the map and that line has a lot of power as it changes the shape and size of a country, state, district, city or any other place in the world.

This word has a broader meaning and is used in a different type of separation. At the office, boss demarcates the work of every employee that which employees will handle which work and depart and also who will be responsible for work. Even in the whole world, people demarcates like rich people or upper-class people set there boundary and also middle-class people have their own boundaries. Sometimes, this may lead to unhealthy discrimination.

Demarcation is done in-house also, people put up a fence over the house to make it clear that it is their property line and not of their neighbour’s. Book reviews also demarcate by giving the distinction that he review right reading books and he reviews serious and high literature reading books. The traditions, culture, beliefs, value, and custom are demarcated. Each and every religion of people have a different type of beliefs, value, and custom. People from every country are also different. Indian cultures are totally different from western culture but slowly and slowly India is adopting the western culture.

Temples, Church, Mosque, are demarcated by the people. The education system of India is also demarcated SC, ST, and OBC i.e. Reserved Category get special preferences in selecting the colleges. They have a different type of criteria for admission but for the unreserved category students, admissions in the college are very difficult.

Demarcation is between the living lifestyle of people, taste, and preferences, buying attitude and buying habits, standard living, and income. Regional dance, food, clothes are also different from every region. Language and Mother Tongue of every country are different. In India itself, every state has their regional language. Like this, demarcation is done in various ways.

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by Priya Singh

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