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No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a legal document, issued by an association, establishment, or a person to state that they have no objection to the referenced detailed in the document. It tends to be utilized for work, trade exchange, litigation, immigration, and numerous different purposes to invalidate any objection by the party concerned in the process.

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

When can a NOC be issued?

As a legal document in India, a No objection certificate might be issued by an employer, representative, landowner, occupant, or person. It tends to be utilized while:

  • Making a trade exchange
  • An offer
  • Or on the other hand business of any sort

This legal document can be utilized for or against in the official courtroom. No Objection Certificate ordinarily comprises essential details of the parties included, and it is addressed to whosoever is concerned.

Take a case of an individual purchasing a vehicle which is enlisted in a state, say in Maharashtra, to be utilized in another state, say in Karnataka. For this situation, the seller of the vehicle must get a NOC from the Maharashtra Regional Transportation Officer (RTO) and issue the same to the purchaser of the vehicle in Karnataka.

This kind of NOC expresses that the said vehicle has no earlier traffic offences against it in Maharashtra. It additionally states if there is hypothecation against the vehicle in Maharashtra, or not. The purchaser of the vehicle must demonstrate this record at the time of re-enlisting the vehicle in Karnataka.

A NOC is a basic legal document that is an essential in bank process, migration, vehicle, and house enlistment, and during work situations. The standard No objection certificate arrangement can be utilized for all reasons.


Sample No Objection Certificate:


No Objection Certificate

This is to certify that Mr./Ms.__________________________________________ (Roll No. —————–) is an undergraduate/postgraduate student of in the Department of ————————- at —————————————–. He/She wishes to apply for Winter Research internship program/research project at National Institute of Science and Technology, Bhubaneswar.

The Institute has no objection in him/her undergoing a winter internship program/research project at National Institute of Science and Technology, Bhubaneswar during the period _______________________to____________________.

With best regards,

Signature :__________________________________

Name : __________________________________

(Head of Institute/Head of Department/Placement Officer )                                                                                    Seal with date

Name of the Institution:_________________________

How to apply for a NOC Certificate?

  • The proprietor of the vehicle should visit the nearby RTO to submit the application for the NOC.
  • The completed CMV 28 form should be submitted alongside different imperative records.
  • You have to make a payment of Rs.100 for the No Objection Certificate application.
  • When the application has been presented, the RTO will acquire a report of the vehicle from the Police authorities to check if the vehicle is associated with any criminal case or is stolen.
  • In the event that there are no pending dues or DSA cases pending against the vehicle, a receipt of clearance is acquired and a No Objection Certificate is issued.
  • The RTO normally takes three business days to issue the NOC Certificate.

Who ought to apply for a NOC?

The proprietor of the vehicle moving from one state or union territory then onto the another with the vehicle.

Documents required for the application of No Objection Certificate:

  • Registration certificate (RC)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Permit and fitness certificate (applicable for commercial vehicles)
  • Emission test certificate (pollution under control certificate – PUC)
  • Consent of Financier on CMV form 28 (if the vehicle is covered by Hypothecation, HPA or a lease agreement
  • Pencil print of the chassis number for the CMV 28 form
  • Photo identity and address proof

The legitimacy of a NOC Certificate

A NOC is legitimate for a time of six months. When the NOC is terminated, you won’t have the capacity to create the same for re-enrolling. You are relied upon to present the NOC and the expected documents to the local RTO of the state you are moving to, within half a year.

The NOC isn’t only required for moving a vehicle from one state onto the next, it is also required when a vehicle is being sold to somebody who means to take it to another state or union territory. The interstate vehicle exchanges can end up being somewhat complex in India. There are numerous offices and vehicle transportation firms who can help you in knowing more about the system and procedures.

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