7 most fearless lawyers in India

Making up a list for the most fearless lawyers where the population count for lawyers is more than 1 million is an extremely difficult task. Everyone has their own area of expertise and function in their independent ways. Some may function in the way desired by the public while some may not, but they are special for fighting tough cases and giving fierce agreements.

A lawyer is a person who can shape society with their understanding of the laws and by representing the clients. In any country, lawyers may be the only personnel happy when there is a conflict between people.


With lawyers like Kapil Sibal, Palkivala (also referred to as the courtroom genius), Arun Jaitley and others though very fearless in nature but have not been included in the list as they are presently not practicing the legal profession.

Fearless and famous are not the same but can certainly go hand in hand. A fearless lawyer is one who is ready to undertake challenges even such which will shake the base of the nation or expose corrupt politicians. Being fearless is a rare phenomenon because it may have serious repercussions on personal and professional levels.

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  1. Harish Salve

Specialized in constitutional and commercial laws, Harish Salve practices in the Supreme Court. He was ranked 43rd in the list of India’s most powerful people for the year 2017 and the only lawyer to be present on the list. He worked closely with Palkivala in the Minerva mills case.

Harish salve represents clients like the Ambani’s, Reliance Industry Limited, TATA group, Salman Khan, etc. In the recently concluded case in the International Court of Justice, i.e. Kulbhushan Jadhav case, the accused was awarded a death sentence by a criminal court in Pakistan on the charges of spying, the execution of the sentence is put on stay until the final verdict is passed by the court, this was possible only by the extraordinary representation by Harish Salve. The fees charged with respect to this case were only Rs. 1.

Salve can be said to be the knight in shining armor. The lawyer famous for his cases and argumentation skills, finding the crus of the law has been very fearless and has had a win-win ratio in his profile. 

  1. Menaka Guruswamy

Women are running at par with men, including the legal backdrop. She is a practicing Supreme Court lawyer practicing in areas of vivid nature like constitutional, criminal, etc. what makes her fearless? The recent judgment passed with respect to Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was due to this lady’s hard work and dedication along with the work of Naz foundation. This is the landmark judgment in her name. Not only that, she fearlessly argued for the matters against vigilante groups of Chhattisgarh sponsored by the state government. Her fearless arguments have set many relationships free and given them the confidence to no more hide behind the veil.

  1. Soli Sorabjee

An 89-year-old lawyer and former Attorney General of India, an awardee of Padma Vibhushan for protection of human rights, has remarkable cases under this name. He has worked on the Citizen’s Justice Committee which represented the victims of the Anti-Sikh riot of 1984.

He is the president of the United Lawyers Association, Vice-President of Commonwealth Lawyers Association and many more in his name. He also has a number of publications added to his name with respect to press and censorship. Some of the major cases in his name are S.R.Bommai, Maneka Gandhi, Kesavananda Bharti, etc.

  1. K. Venugopal

One of the most recognized lawyers in the Indian legal sector. He has not only worked with the Indian government but also consulted the Bhutan Government in drafting their constitution. In recognition of his works, he has been awarded Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan.

He is the current Attorney General for India and India’s chief Legal Advisor of India appointed by the President of India, Pranav Mukherjee. He has appeared in cases on behalf of L.K.Advani in the Babri Masjid Demolition case. He acted as amicus curie in the case of 2G spectrum case to assist the Supreme Court.

  1. Fali Nariman

The reason for calling him fearless is his excellence in the field of international arbitral matters. He has been awarded prestigious awards like Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, and the price for justice. He is the President of the Bar Association of India since the year 1991.

He is fearless because he learns to fail even gracefully. He had argued for the Union Carbide in the Bhopal Gas tragedy and considered it to be a mistake. He also appeared for the Gujarat Government in the Narmada Rehabilitation. He appeared for cases like Golak Nath, TMA Pai Foundation

  1. Karuna Nundy

She has been recognized as the ‘Corporate India’s Faster rising women leaders.’ She is fearless to stand for the rights of the people, and she has worked very closely in drafting the anti-rape bill which was postulated after the 2016 Delhi Gang rape case and drafting of the criminal law amendment bill, 2013. She has expertise in commercial litigation, constitution, media, and legal policy. She fought like a warrior for the survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy in getting justice for them.

  1. Deepika Singh Rajawat

She is fearless in fighting for the rape victim. This lawyer of the Jammu and Kashmir high court stood firmly for the rights of the Kathua rape case victim. She has worked fearlessly towards juvenile justice. She was the first person to prefer a petition for Asifa’s case. Apart from their commendable job as an advocate, she has worked with social welfare organizations and non-governmental organizations and been a voice to be heard in the era of human rights. She is associated with “voice for rights” and “CRY” working in the sector of human rights and child rights, respectively.

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This list may not include everyone you wished to see on the list taking positions. But it does not make them less fearless. These are fearless lawyers fighting for our rights and making us always proud. Kudos to the great work done in bringing a difference. They are a blessing to the Indian judicial system.

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