What book should an aspiring law student read?

To study law is not just mugging up some bookish knowledge. In fact, the study of law involves a lot more than just studying merely from the syllabus. However, study books are integral to succeed in academics and if you are looking for help in submitting class assignments, try write my essay online by essayservice. If you want to hone your skills as a budding lawyer, there are certain books that are a must-read. Those books will certainly help in nurturing the mind of a law student.

must read books for indian law students

Let us have a look at some of the stalwarts that all inquiring law minds should read before they leave college.

1. The Rule of Law by Tom Birmingham

It is a slim volume that acts as a guardian reading for all aspiring lawyers. The book gives a clear explanation of the notion of law. It also focuses on why the law is so important in our lives and society. The way judgment been done is well-reflected in the book. Tom Birmingham has earned the status of Law Lord because of this particular book.

2. Letters to a Law Student by Nicholas McBride

This book is considered the first text for a law student. The book has so much detailed and lucid flow that reading the book is almost like studying in a law college. It is a very handy book for all those students who are planning to study law. As the name suggests the book comprises 20 letters written by a law teacher to a student. The book introduces the law admission procedures, the experience of becoming a law student, and the law itself. Some of the key points that you can get to know from this book includes the following:
How to decide on the kind of university in which you will study law
What are the fundamental qualities that are required to become a good law student
Ways to write a first-class essay
Ways to get out the best from your teachers
Ways to remember cases, statutes, and articles
Ways to organize your files and lecture notes
Besides these, there are many other helpful tips in this book.

3. What About Law by Catherine Barnard et al:

This is a book that deals with the various fields of law and describes them in a detailed way which is sure to catch the interest of the aspiring lawyers. However, the book might lack a bit in practical details but it is certainly a good read.

4. Eve was Framed by Helena Kennedy:

This is an interesting piece of a book, especially for female law students. The book delves deep down and depicts the different ways in which the legal system has let down the women. Whether in the role of a lawyer, the victim or the defendant, the legal system has let down women a number of times. But the good thing is that there is a lot of optimism in the book as it talks about the ability of women to rise to the topmost position in the legal world.

5. Bleak House by Charles Dickens:

This is a book by one of the stalwarts of English Literature. As Dickens had served as a court reporter for four long years, he has penned down his practical experience in this book. It seems Great Expectations drew quite a lot of inspiration from the “coining trial” of this book.

6. To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee:

You can revisit this high school classic once again if you are a law student. However, while you read this book as a budding lawyer closely study the characters and actions of the jurists, the judges, the prosecutor, and the defense attorney Atticus Finch. The book gives you an insight as to how you should behave as a lawyer when you have to deal with a case of flagrant justice.

7. The Trial by Franz Kafka:

This book is an important read for the law students. In this book, a man gets arrested but does not get any information on his charges. This is an interesting legal drama that gives readers an opportunity to have a close look at life and bureaucracy.

Besides these, there are many other books that might be an interesting read for aspiring law students. Go on reading and get acquainted with the legal world. Certainly, good readings will never go in vain. Rather, it will help you gain insight into the world of law from various perspectives.

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