How to file a complaint in Cyber Crime

The Internet has enabled the world to connect in just a click. Cybercrime is born as a result of this. However, the term cybercrime is not defined. But, it can be simply defined as the offenses committed on the internet or through the use of computers such as online cheating, hacking, software piracy, cyberstalking, etc. Cyber Crime is governed under the Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008. Under the Information Technology Act, 2008 Cyber Cells are created. These cells exist especially for the purpose of reporting the crimes that are happening across the country.

What amounts to Cyber Crime in India?

From the above-mentioned, we know that the definition of cybercrime is not provided by the legislation (law). However, a simple definition that can be derived is that any offense which takes place through the use of a computer or internet or both which is punishable under the law can be termed as Cyber Crime. There are no restrictions when it comes to cybercrime and the possible way to commit such offenses are numerous.

Complaints of Cyber Crime

The steps to file a complaint in a cybercrime case are:

  • One can file a complaint with the Cyber Cell of the respective city or state, the person resides in and as the jurisdiction is extraterritorial, the act done anywhere in the world can be reported.
  • The Complaint shall be sent to the Head of the Cyber Crime Cell of respective state or city with details of the complainant i.e., name of the complainant, address for mailing and contact details.
  • If the Cyber Cell is not in the area where the complainant is residing, then FIR (First Information Report) can be filed at the nearest Police Station.
  • If the aggrieved is a victim of harassment through online mediums then, a legal counsel will assist in reporting the crime with certain necessary documents required to report the crime.
  • In case the police station is not having jurisdiction with regard to the crime committed then, a Zero FIR can be lodged which can help in immediate attention/investigation for avoiding the waste of time.

Initiatives by the Cyber Police

There are online platforms for reporting any cybercrime. As a result, these platforms help to eliminate the necessity of physical presence for reporting in the police station. For the same Delhi and Indore police have taken initiatives. Consequently, they have introduced online portals to educate people about cybercrime and its reporting. The reporting of cybercrime is not a difficult procedure. However, there is a necessity for documents to report such activity.

Documents Required to File Complaint

For filing of complaints, the documents should reflect that complaint is true and bonafide. The requirement differs from situation to situation. The same are as follows:

Cyber Crime via Email

The hard and electronic copy of the email as it is.

The electronic copy has to be provided in a Recordable Compact Disk.

Cyber Crime via Social Media 

Picture depicting the alleged offensive content or profile.

Picture of URL which contains such offensive content.

Alleged content's hard and soft copies.

The electronic copy has to be provided in a Recordable Compact Disk.

Cyber Crime via Smartphone Application

Screenshot of the address of application and application.

Account Statement of the aggrieved for suspected transactions

Copies of such documents in electronic form.

Cyber Crime via Business Email

Description of the offense.

Name and location of such activity.

Bank name and account number involved in such offense both of offender and recipient.

Date, day and amount involved.

In the case of international transactions, a SWIFT number.

Cyber Crime via Data Theft

Description and copy of the data allegedly stolen.

Intellectual Property (IP) Certificates of such data.

Details of the suspect.

Proof of a violation of IP rights through data theft.

All necessary details as required by the respective authority.

Cyber Crime via Ransom/Malware

Details of ransom communication medium.

Screenshot of the email through which Malware was sent with the header and URL of the page.

Cyber Crime via Online Banking or Transactions, Fake Lotteries, and Fake Call

Copy of Statement of Account for the last six months.

SMS or call received in relation to the alleged wrong transaction.

Copy of Victim's detail as per bank passbook.

Cyber Crime via Bitcoin

Description of the incident.

Bitcoin's address.

Bitcoin's amount on the date of the incident.

Address of the individual with whom such transaction took place.

Cyber Crime via Online Cheating

Copy of E-mail with details like header, email address, etc.

Account Statement of the aggrieved.

Details of alleged transaction.

Electronic copies of the above-mentioned.

Complaint on the Platform

People can report on social media or the platform the cybercrime at the time of its occurrence. There are adequate procedures on the respective website or social media platforms for online crimes. Social media platforms have these procedures to eliminate offensive elements. Now to secure the pictures posted on Facebook, the security is more strengthened and the access is denied to unknown surfers. The procedure to report and block the offender already exists on social media platforms. Also, the initiative to restrict and trace such an individual are also present.


Because of the rise in criminal activities, it has given birth to different types of crime. Cybercrime is a result of such an increase. The laws restrict online crime and encourage people to report the same due to increasing online criminal activities. These laws prescribe the appropriate remedy to the issue so as to prohibit such activities. The Complaint of any Cyber Crime is important from the perspective of society. The same can only take place if the people report the crime with the appropriate approach as stated above.


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