Domicile Certificate

Meaning of Domicile

Domicile can be termed to be the country in which one has his/her permanent residence. As a matter of fact, domicile does not completely depend upon the physical aspects of maintaining a house or residence but majorly depends upon one’s intention to stay forever unless such circumstances are created which persuade one to change one’s intentions.

What is a Domicile Certificate?

A Domicile Certificate is usually issued in order to prove that a person holding such a certificate is a Domicile of the respective State/UT by which the certificate is issued. This Certificate is produced as a proof of residence to avail Domicile Quota in State-funded educational institutions and in Government service.

domicile certificate meaning

How to Obtain a Domicile Certificate?

There is no fixed procedure for issuing a domicile certificate in India. Different states lay down different provisions for obtaining the domicile certificate. Before a domicile certificate can be issued, it is imperative to prove the factum of residence and the intention of residing in India permanently. This intention can be proved from past, present, or future instances and this proof of intention should not be taken lightly by the Government. In fact, mere residence in India for a long and continuous period does not make a person qualified to obtain domicile status. Our constitution prescribes a single domicile system.
We shall be further discussing the domicile obtaining procedures of 3 States to decipher the process.

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Domicile Certificate Procedure in Maharashtra

Domicile certificate is a document that certifies a person’s residential status in a particular state. The certificate is used to avail of various services provided by the Government such as admissions, job placements, and the likes of it. This article explains the procedure to obtain a domicile certificate in the State of Maharashtra.


Any person from Maharashtra residing in the State for the past 15 years is entitled to get a domicile.

Documents Required

The following documents must be provided to obtain a Domicile Certificate:
• School Certificate or birth certificate etc. as a proof of age;
• Ration card or driving license as a document portraying address;
• Proof of residence;
• Self-declaration form;
• 2 Photographs of Voter ID or College ID or University ID;
• Duly filled up application;
• Identity proof;
• Photocopies of all government official attested documents;
• An affidavit from tehsil or court;

Application Procedure:

i) The applicant first needs to get an application form either from the Sub-divisional Magistrate’s office, Tehsildar’s office, District Collector’s office or from online platforms;
ii) The applicant then needs to fill in his/her details solicited in the form;
iii) The form should be assisted with the essential documents as mentioned above and the same must be submitted to the Setu Centre of Maharashtra;

After following the aforementioned procedure, the applicant shall receive the certificate within 30 days and a minimal fee of Rs.50 is required to receive the certificate.

Domicile Certificate Procedure for Tamil Nadu


• The applicant’s parents /guardians must be permanent residents living more than 6 years in Tamil Nadu; and
• Women who are not natives of Tamil Nadu but are married to men who are permanent residents of Tamil Nadu.

Application Procedure:

To obtain the domicile certificate, the following procedures need to be followed:
1. The applicant is expected to first get the application form from the office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate or Tehsildar or District Collector or any other concerned authority;
2. After getting the form, one is expected to duly fill-up the form with the correct details asked for in the form. The details include the name of the applicant; Father or husband’s name; gender; Residential address; Ration card number; Details of the property belonging to parents in Tamil Nadu; Date of application; and Signature of the applicant.
3. Once the application form is submitted, the applicant is then required to provide Residence proof of Tamil Nadu for a particular time period.
4. Finally, when all the formalities are done, the applicant can submit the application form with the enclosed documents as mentioned below.

Documents Required

The following documents need to be adduced with the application form to receive the Certificate:
• Permanent residence proof for 5 years;
• A copy of the ration card or Voter ID or Tax Receipt; and
• School Leaving Certificate.
The applicant then finally receives his Domicile Certificate within 30 days after the payment of a minimal fee of Rs.15.

Domicile Certificate Procedure in Odisha

Eligibility Criteria

• The applicant happens to be a permanent resident in any village or town of the concerned Tehsil or State for a minimum period of 1 year that to continuously;
• The applicant must be able to produce a copy of the Record of Rights(ROR) of the residential plot owned by him or parents or his ancestors as a certificate of proof;
• A woman belonging to a different state can also get a domicile provided she is married to a permanent resident of the applying state.

Documents Required

The following documents are mandatory to be enclosed along with the application form to obtain the domicile certificate:
• A copy of the ROR
Aadhaar Card/Voter ID/Pan Card/ Passport as proof of identity
• Land Agreement with house owner/Bank passbook /Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill as proof of residence
• Educational Certificate or Driving License as proof of age
• Land passbook

Application Process

Odisha Government has provided offline as well as online facilities for the interested people to get an application form for obtaining the domicile certificate.

Online Process

The applicant can apply for Odisha Domicile Certificate by visiting the official website E-District Odisha and then the applicant is required to fill up the details solicited in the form. The details include the applicant’s personal details, Parent’s details; Spouse details if any; Contact details; Permanent address; Present address; Land Record details; Plot details; and the Purpose for obtaining the certificate.

Offline process

The applicant can acquire the application form from any nearby E-District Center and the form is required to be submitted with the documents mentioned above.
The Revenue Officer is made in-charge of the issuance of the certificate and furnishes the applicant with the certificate after verification within 15 days of application.


Hence we see the various procedures devised by various state governments to grant Domicile Certificate but the orphans encounter various obstacles in obtaining the same because of its rigid requisites. In some cases, the orphan students who did not have a domicile certificate were also denied admission in Government colleges. Hence the State Government needs to be a little flexible for such candidates.

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