Important List To Checkout Before Buying A House

It is a big task to get that dream home just as perfect as you want but it is not impossible if you truly take care of the below-mentioned checklist before you put your hands in your pocket to lose out some bucks.

1. Defects Liability Period (DLP)

More or less all the constructors/builders go through these terms called DLP. Here, they have notice contract, which ranges from a monthly period from 6 to 12 months. As per this contract, the builder is legally responsible to be there to look out for any minor defects seen in the construction process after handling the property to its owner. It is believed that this monthly period starts from the day of completion of the work. So, do have a clear conversation with the builder so that you can know what faults come under this clause.

 2. Ventilation

As this is the most important aspect a house must-have. You must take great care of it. Do check that the house that you are going to buy have proper access to cross-ventilation or not? Even do check that it must have enough space for the light to come inside the house.

3. Need for Power Back-up and Solar Panels

If you are aware then you must know that according to the rules of the present government, your house needs to have solar panels connected to the water heaters. Moreover, there must be some power back-up plans for emergencies.  

4. Water Leakage Problem

Malfunctioning water pipes, sanitary auxiliaries, and drainage pipelines can cause leakage problems which can cause damps on the walls and can lead to severe problems over the years. So, if you notice any sort of damp on the wall, ask the builder to get it done on an immediate basis.

 5. Ensure Crack Free House

Do not ignore this part as it is the most important aspect that you and your guests love to gaze in. The cracks are just not horror, but also can turn out to be an annoyance if left unnoticed.

 6. Rain Water Harvesting And Water Supply

Are you aware that the recent building codes instruct that the new buildings should have provision for the process of rainwater harvesting? Doing so can help to recycle water, by which one can make use   thousand liters of water which otherwise would go into waste

Do check into the house only if it has enough water supplies as you are paying for it.

 7. Waste Disposal Arrangements

There should be an arrangement for mini sewage and waste treatment plant inside the community premises. If the builder has failed to do this necessary act, then make sure that they have provided some other arrangements for sewage and waste disposal.

Moreover, if you do not find so then put this point forward to your builder that according to the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), housing complexes that have fifty or more dwellings should have this system within the complex as it is made compulsory by the Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) in 2010.

8. Maintenance Team

There are times when you have to deal with a short circuit or a blocked toilet. So, in this case, the community must a maintenance team that can take care of all these needs of yours.  The team should be capable enough to handle any crisis situation at any given time of the day.

 9. Security

Don’t forget to miss out the most vital thing about your house and that is its safety.  The security system of the house you are purchasing should be strong enough that can take great care of the premises that you are living in and where your family members are residing. There should be sufficient installation of the CCTV (surveillance) cameras inside the buildings.

Keep a proper check that whether or not the fence and the wall around the property are in a good structure or not?

10. Open Areas and Parking Areas

Your dream house should have ample open space where there must be plantation on both sides of the house. If not both sides, there must enough greenery for you to breathe fresh air.  It should also have walkways and parks.

Along with it, there must be enough space for the parking.  Ensure that each flat has got a defined parking lot. And, there are parking spaces for your visitors as well which you should take great care to avoid embarrassment.

11. Paint and VOCs

Before you move into your new house, check with the builder that have they used paints or polishes that contain VOCs or have they used eco-friendly paints.

Check the external painting of your home as well which is essential to give your property a fresh look. Thus, make sure to ask this to your builder as it has a great impact on your property.

12. Lift and Other Necessary Items

Though it is not possible to determine that whether a lift is legal or not, it would be sensible to confirm that the builder has obtained the lifts from the listed companies and has fulfilled the standards as stated in the rulebook. You need to be aware of the capacity of the lifts that are installed in your apartment. It is asked for you to be aware so that you can avoid any sort of inconvenience.

Ensure that the appliances such as the chimney, and another sort of electrical fittings are according to standard quality as per the sale agreement.

And before you shift in do also give a check to things like taps, locks, showerheads, piping system, etc. If you won’t notice these things before shifting into your new house then there is a possibility that you will end up burning a hole in your pocket.


After gaining your property, ask the builder for the A ‘Khata’ which is a vital document for all property owners as it registers all your details such as details about your property,  the size of the property, its location, the built-up area of the building and so on. It is mainly needed for the identification of the person who is liable to pay property tax.

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