The Best TV shows That Every Law Student Should Watch

The Best TV Shows That Every Law Student Should Watch

Did you know that if you are an aspiring lawyer there are other ways besides your law books that can help you become a better lawyer? You need not go far to find out those ways and become an expert lawyer. In fact, it is all present in your home. It is nothing but the television. There are some television series that comes on the air and are highly effective for all aspiring lawyers.  The reason being simple, those TV shows will give you a better insight into the intriguing profession of law. When you watch these series you get an idea of some of the strange experiences that you will have in a real-life courtroom.

However, this does not mean that you will sit and watch those typical soap series to get into the intriguing relationship dynamics. Rather, there are some specific TV shows that might be of great help for a law student. Let us get to know more about those TV series that every law student should watch if they want to make a fulfilling career in law.

Here is the list of best legal TV Shows

  • Suits: Suits is one of the popular American legal dramas. The series is set at a fictional law firm in New York City. The main attraction of the show is how college drop-out Mike Ross works as a law assistant for Harvey Spectre. The most interesting part is Mike Ross had never had formal law training yet both of them could together solve some of the most complex cases. The drama emphasizes the fact to be successful in the legal profession bookish knowledge is not the only thing required, a lot of common sense is necessary.
  • Silk: It is a legal drama that focuses on a female barrister Martha Costello as she goes about her day-to-day business in the criminal bar. The drama closely reflects the kind of problems that a female lawyer might have to face both personally and professionally. However, the best part of the show is that it portrays the strength of character that Martha has and the way she fights to achieve professional success in spite of all odds. It is an entertaining and gripping drama that holds the suspense intact.
  • The Briefs: The main interest of this program lies in the fact that it is a factual, legal drama where cameras follow lawyers from Tuckers, which is a well-known law firm. The talking point of the drama is that it gives an insight into the English legal system and at the same time it also focuses on the concept of justice from the viewpoint of the defense lawyer. If you are an aspiring lawyer you will have a sneak peek into the real world of a lawyer. For example, the numerous phone calls that lawyers are involved in, interviewing clients and following the case till the end. Hence, it is a must-watch for every law student to experience what a lawyer goes through on a day-to-day basis.
  • Law and Order UK: This program was adopted from the American TV drama Law and Order. However, the interesting part of the drama is that it dramatizes the British police and criminal justice system but with factual accuracy. The drama tells both sides of the story as in the police who investigate the case and also the lawyers who prosecute the suspected criminal. When watching this TV show, a law student might have an idea of the different steps that are involved in trying a criminal lawyer and finally to the point of receiving the verdict.
  • How to Get Away with Murder: This Shonda Rhimes series has not only inspired a lot of people to take up the legal profession because of its intriguing features. Besides that, the show also introduces a lot of legal terms to aspiring law students.
  • The Practice: The specialty of this show is that it shows the different perspectives that the law firm takes on the different cases that it hears. When law student watches this series they learn to question their thinking as they hear about a particular case. The advantage of watching this show is that it encourages a lawyer to think differently and follow their instincts to understand the real story behind a plot. In fact, it is a show that helps the law student develops a much-desired skill.

Some of the other TV shows that every law student should watch besides the ones mentioned above include Castle, LA Law, and Boston Legal and so on.

It is true that legal shows do not always give an actual representation of reality, but they are quite helpful to guide you on the legal world. To put it simply, rather than mere studying, when you use an audiovisual medium to know more about the legal profession you will benefit in a better way.

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