Adjudication Meaning and Defination in law

What is Adjudication?

The legal process of reviewing evidence and arguments and providing a decision determining right and wrong is known as adjudication. Adjudication meaning in law is following court procedure or arbitration by a judge or by a neutral third party and giving an impartial judgment. Adjudication meaning as per Black Law Dictionary is pronouncing a judgment or decree in a case.

To define adjudication in layman’s terms would mean resolving a dispute. It is a widely accepted term and has found its way into the common language used by people. Adjudication definition is conclusive in nature.

What are the criteria for a dispute resolution?

In adjudication, the presiding officer who has to make the decision is neutral.

  1. The Adjudication process should follow legal procedures.
  2. The process should be detailed. It should include both sides presenting their arguments with evidence.
  3. The decision has to be binding with the option of an appeal.

What does this mean in insurance practices?

The term is used as “claims adjudication.” This refers to the act of allowing or denying the claims that have been filed to the insurance companies. This includes judging all aspects such as whether the pre-agreed terms of the insurance policy are held up and whether there are any malpractices. The term is of regular use and basically means the act of deciding.

Why are some minors referred to as adjudicators?

In some cases, the term adjudicated refers to the children who are under the court’s jurisdiction due to the lack of a legal guardian. This particular meaning of this term is used very rarely.

Any form of impartial decision making which follows a legal process and provides a decision along with the obligations for both the interested parties is referred to adjudication.

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