10 Best Online Productivity Tools for Lawyers

Best Online Productivity Tools for Lawyers

Who isn’t looking to be a little more productive and efficient with their time? If a task is to be done, rest assured there is always a piece of software aiming to decrease the workload in its best possible way. We have listed some best Productivity tools From the browser plugin to maintaining relationships with clients or maybe optimizing time, productivity apps target to do it all.

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The internet is not all bad. In fact, there are a lot of really great things out there that make your life and your work easier, simpler, and more efficient. The key is to use the internet to your advantage. Getting access to online tools can make your marketing more potent and is a big win for lawyers. Here are 10 functional Productivity tools  to make your time truly as productive as it needs to be:


Mails are where the majority of client communication takes place, as well as interactions with other attorneys and staff members. Most lawyers practically live in their mail inboxes. Managing email effectively can make a huge difference not only in your product but more importantly, in your sanity.


Whatsapp, the world’s most popular chat app uses end-to-end encryption for all messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, group chats and text on the device. The end-to-end encryption gives each chat its own security code to verify calls and messages. Attorneys who communicate client confidential information via messages and call, Whatsapp is an app you would love to use.


CamScanner is a primary interface to digitize written work. With CamScanner, any document you see in the real world can be digitized and saved right away with your mobile. It can create PDF; scan any kind of document, texts, and graphics, in second. Access, edit and manage documents anytime and anywhere you need. CamScanner enables quick search in seconds.

  • Google Drive

The free and very accessible Google Drive is an intelligent choice among collaboration office suites in the cloud. You can create and edit documents, solo or with others, in real time. Google Drive is accessible wherever you have Internet access and a Web browser. There is an optional, downloadable component that enables file-syncing directly from the computer. Google Drive is compatible with platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows.

  • Trello

Trello is an amazing and simple project management and collaboration tool that uses cards to organize your ideas. Its biggest virtue is the visually appealing and unadorned user interface which feels intuitive, making it easy to track your project. Trello supports iPhone, Android, and Windows 8 platforms. However, its website has been designed to be accessible in most mobile web browsers. Trello gives perspective over all your projects, at work, and at home. It offers a better and easy way to communicate with the senior attorneys, team members; assistants and juniors. It is infinitely flexible and incredibly easy to use.

  • Process Street

Process Street is workflow and process management software that provides a simple and powerful way to manage checklists and procedures. It is a platform built specially to track processes to save money, minimize mistakes, and better scaling. You can quickly create and assign a checklist workflow to your team and track activity from your dashboard and get notified when done. It makes communication with juniors, assistants, and business associates simpler and convenient.


Excel timesheets don’t give a real insight into how productive one really is. Here comes Toggl to save your life. It has changed the time management field by providing a really simple time recording tool for solo users or teams. Toggl also has powerful reports, giving you an accurate breakdown of how you are spending your time.

It is designed for several different operating systems including iOS, Android, Window and Linux. It has both mobile and desktop applications for time-based tasks and projects, either through an interactive task time or through manual entry.


Slickpie is online accounting software designed for small businesses, offering online invoice and billing, bank reconciliation, financial reporting, tax management, document management, and every other banking solution. You can send online invoices, create payment reminders, get phone support, and is user-friendly and handy.


LinkedIn can be a powerful online tool to help you expand your professional network, raise your visibility, and position and control your personal brand. Good cases can be added as accomplishments in the bio, adding value to the lawyer’s brand value. One of the great benefits of a LinkedIn profile is that it allows you to add up to three links to your law firms – Website, Blog, Twitter account and any other weblink you deem important to add to your profile.

  • ZOHO

With Zoho CRM, you can bring all your conversations into one place, and make the most of your interactions at a moment’s notice. Not only can it help you better manage your client relationships and your caseload but it can also help you improve team collaboration within your firm. Zoho can help lawyers more effectively manage client relationships via automated contact management and progress tracking. It is easy to use and offers robust features including the ability to attach documentation to specific client profiles. 

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              Slowly, the entire legal industry is understanding the impact of legal management software. Law practice has evolved over a while with technology. It has allowed firms to focus on clients and cases rather than dealing with paperwork. As a result, there is an increase in the efficiency and success rate of lawyers across the world.

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Time management for lawyers is one of the most difficult tasks in busy law practice and productivity tools lessen the burden of both, administrative and personal workload. By implementing these simple productivity tools into law practice, an attorney can increase productivity while improving career satisfaction at the same time.


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