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What To Do In Case Of A Truck Accident

Are you a truck driver involved in an accident and don’t know what to do? Or perhaps you’re gathering information on the same to help you, should such a situation arise. Regardless of why you’re here, you’ll leave this site with enough knowledge on what to do after a truck accident.

Remember, the better you handle the situation, the more chances you have of recovering damages after a truck accident if you’re acquitted of any fault. Below are some of the things to keep in mind:

Remain Calm

Regardless of the accident’s magnitude, remaining calm is the first and most crucial step. While it might nearly be impossible, the calmer you are, the more effectively you can manage the incident. It’s important to understand that an accident can cause you to act without thinking, but doing so can only put your safety and other passengers at risk. With that in mind, prioritize maintaining a clear head, and the rest will follow.

Determine If Everyone In The Vehicle Is Okay

After you’re calm enough, slowly and carefully get out of the car. If you’re in a good position health wise, check if everyone in the truck is safe, and move them to a safe space. Ensure no one is standing in other vehicles’ way to avoid further injuries. Nevertheless, if a passenger has severe injuries, avoid handling them at every cost and erect emergency signs to notify other vehicles about the danger ahead.

Call 911 And Seek Medical Help

After everyone is safer, call 911 immediately. Most drivers fail to see the importance of calling 911, especially if they aren’t in pain. Unfortunately, they later suffer the consequences since some after-accident injuries, such as internal bleeding, don’t show symptoms immediately. Call health practitioners for professional assessment and treatment to avoid jeopardizing your health. Remember, your medical report will be helpful when pursuing compensation; hence you shouldn’t ignore seeking treatment.

Besides getting professional medical help, calling 911 will also notify the police about the accident. Upon arrival, the police will assess the situation and record statements from the involved parties and witnesses, if there are any. The police will leave no stone unturned during their investigations and will work hard to determine who’s reliable.

Contact Your Insurer

No one wants to finance their vehicle’s repair after an accident; come to think of it, that’s why you’ve insured your vehicle. It’s therefore advisable to call your insurer as soon as you can. Since recovering damage after a truck accident can be a lengthy procedure, waiting long before notifying your insurer about the accident will only make the process lengthier. This might also affect your compensation, especially if you beat the reporting deadline.

Document The Accident Scene

In some cases, drivers involved in accidents are found to be at fault. In such a case, they share the blame, damage costs, and everything in between. It’s, therefore, vital to document as much evidence as possible at the scene, especially if you think you aren’t at fault.

Take photographs of both vehicles and the surroundings, and don’t avoid road signs and everything else indicating the recommended speed and the nature of the road. Record the other vehicle’s licensing number and the name of their insurer. It would also be helpful if you exchanged contacts with the other driver for accessible communication, if necessary.

Talk To Witnesses

Are there witnesses who saw everything that transpired? If yes, talk to them and get as many testimonies as possible. You’ll also need to take the witnesses’ contact numbers if you need to get back to them. It’s also wise to point them to the officers who’ll come to assess the accident.

Mind Your Word At The Scene

Whatever you say at the accident scene can be used against you. That said, be mindful of what you say. While the experience can cause one to talk more in search of what has happened, especially if some people are severely injured, getting angry or blaming yourself won’t do you any good. Avoid apologizing, too. This doesn’t mean you should lie, but it’s the authority’s work to investigate and determine who’s at fault.

Never Post The Accident On Social Media

It’s common to see photos and posts about accidents on social media. Here, drivers tend to explain what happened and air their views. Without knowing, they end up interfering with the investigation, leading to a possible lack of or low compensation. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, avoid posting anything about the accident and the investigations on social media. It’s also wise to avoid discussing it with any individual besides the authority and your personal injury lawyer.


A truck accident is devastating. It leaves one in shock, not knowing what to do next. However, you shouldn’t stay put after such an incident, especially if your physical health allows you to get out of the car. First, calm down, get out of the car, and gather information while the authorities are on their way. Nevertheless, if you’re severely injured, concentrate on getting better and leave the rest to the authorities.

Samwel is a freelancer who enjoys being associated with most things automotive. He has developed a liking for writing articles about automotive spares and how to be safe when driving. You’ll find him driving around the city or taking part in road trips during his free time.

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