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What are White Collar Crimes?

White-collar crime is a type of offense that generally includes nonviolent crimes committed by professionals or business people. These crimes are often financial, and they involve dishonesty for personal gain. Let’s discuss white-collar crime in detail, including how it’s defined, what types of offenses qualify as white-collar crimes, and the punishments associated with these offenses.

What Are White Collar Crimes And How To Deal With Them?

When it comes to criminal law issues, the term “white-collar crime” is often used to refer to a type of crime committed by business and government professionals. Generally speaking, these offenses can be broken down into three categories: corporate crime, financial crime, and governmental crime.

  • Corporate crimes: these types of offenses are committed by individuals within a business or corporation against that company’s interests, such as bribery and embezzlement.
  • Financial crimes: this category refers to illegal activities related to the use of money, including counterfeiting, tax evasion, and identity theft.
  • Governmental crime: when a government official commits an illegal act, such as election fraud or extortion, that person has committed a governmental crime.

Knowing how to deal with this type of crime is essential to both businesses and individuals. A Riverside Criminal Lawyer with extensive knowledge of handling these types of offenses can help prevent you from becoming a victim.

If you believe you’ve been the victim of a white-collar crime, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. That way, you can start building your case and ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Understanding White Collar Crimes

Knowing the different types of white-collar crimes is the first step in understanding what you’re dealing with. Still, it’s essential to get legal advice from a reputable attorney before you proceed.

Here are some of the most commonly known white-collar crimes:

Fraud (including Ponzi schemes, telemarketing fraud, and pyramid schemes)

This type of crime occurs when somebody uses deception to obtain another person’s property or services illegally. Pyramid schemes are also considered a form of fraud.


A type of fraud involves the unlawful taking and misappropriation of money, property, or other assets by a person who is in a trusted position within an organization. This commonly happens with the intent of benefiting the person committing the crime.


This offense occurs when an individual uses something valuable, such as money or property, to influence a public official. Bribery is considered one of the most severe white-collar crimes because it undermines government institutions and weakens public trust. It also threatens the fairness of competitive markets.


This occurs when somebody uses another entity’s trademark to deceive third parties into thinking they are buying or selling a legitimate product. Counterfeiting can also refer to the production of fraudulent documents, such as fake passports and government licenses.

Tax evasion

This crime occurs when somebody tries to avoid paying taxes by not reporting their earned income or overstating deductions they’re entitled to take on their tax return forms. Tax evasion is considered a white-collar crime because it is committed by business and government professionals who are usually paid quite well.

Identity theft

This type of offense involves the illegal use of another person’s personal information, such as their social security number or date of birth, for criminal purposes like opening credit accounts in that individual’s name without permission.

Money laundering

This crime occurs when somebody tries to conceal the source or factual nature of funds obtained through illegal means. This is done by passing these funds off as legitimate assets by transferring them into other bank accounts under different names. Money laundering can also refer to converting cash derived from criminal activities, so it appears legal and can be spent in legitimate ways.

Organized crime

This offense involves groups of people who commit crimes, such as drug trafficking and extortion. These types of offenses are considered extremely serious because they threaten public safety at large. Organized criminal enterprises are often well-structured organizations that continue to operate despite attempts by law enforcement to shut them down.

This type of offense involves the violation of intellectual property rights. For example, somebody might make copies or distribute copyrighted material in illegal ways without permission from the owner. Copyright infringement is considered a white-collar crime because it’s usually committed by people who work within an organization and know about business practices. It also tends to affect larger companies and corporations.


This offense occurs when somebody tries to pass off a counterfeit object as a genuine article. Counterfeit objects can take many different forms, such as fake financial documents or government licenses and passports that have been altered in some way to change their appearance. Forgery is considered a white-collar crime because it’s often committed by professional individuals with formal education or training.

Labor racketeering

This crime involves using violence or intimidation by organized groups to force employees into joining labor unions. It also refers to manipulating union elections and creating real estate monopolies within specific labor organizations. Labor racketeering is considered a white-collar crime because it’s usually committed by business professionals who have formal training.


This misdemeanor occurs when somebody uses electronic means to commit a crime that would be considered illegal if it were committed in person, such as hacking into computer systems or stealing information stored there. Cybercrimes are often associated with white-collar crimes because they’re usually conducted by business professionals who have formal education and operate within the financial sector.

Final Words

Understanding white-collar crimes and their various forms can help you keep yourself, your family, and even your business safe from harm. Everyone must be aware of the different ways in which white-collar crimes can affect them so they can better protect themselves against financial loss or other damage.

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